Say hello to 2017 Calendar Girls

Say hello to 2017 Calendar Girls

Body Talk with Andrea Torres, Kim Domingo & Max Collins

Calendar Girls : Aside from men’s magazines like FHM, the best way to showcase a sexy star is through a calendar which guarantees exposure for 365 days, 12 months of the year.

And just like what they do for glossy magazines, actresses make sure that they are, yes, fit and fabulous to deserve lighting up the walls of thousands of houses around the country and the world where there are Filipino communities.

Say hello to three 2017 Calendar Girls, all Kapuso: Kim Domingo for Ginebra San Miguel, Max Collins for Cobra and Andrea Torres for Colt 45 and Beer na Beer.

What made you say “yes” to the offer (aside from the financial aspect)?

Kim: I’ve been a fan of Ginebra ever since so that’s one of the major reasons, and siempre Ginebra is an established brand so it’s an honor to represent it.

Max: I took it as a challenge for me to get super fit! And I drink Cobra to energize as well, it’s a brand I believe in.

Andrea: Of course, the most important thing is the fact that I believe in these products and in the company, Asia Brewery. I’m an occasional beer drinker. And on those occasions, I know I’d enjoy drinking Colt 45 and Beer na Beer.

How did you prepare for the calendar (physically, mentally and emotionally)?

Kim: I worked out a lot, at siempre proper diet. Even when tired from work, I make sure that I still work out because I don’t want to disappoint. I have to continue what the previous Ginebra girls have established for the brand.

Max: Physically, I did weight training at Kinetix Lab twice or thrice a week. I even squeezed in workouts during breaks at taping. Hot yoga once a week and boxing once a week, and I was on a strict diet (more protein, low carb). Mentally and emotionally, I guess I was worried I wouldn’t be fit enough so I have to really push myself, be disciplined to work out as much as I could and diet.

Andrea: I’m pretty used to sexy pictorials already. As in all my shoots, I always aim to exceed the client’s and the general public’s expectations.

Did you feel competitive with the calendar’s previous models?

Kim: Not really competitive, I just made sure that people will like what I did for Ginebra. It matters to me that those who will see the calendar will say that I deserve to be a Ginebra San Miguel Calendar Girl. And I’ve always believed that I can be the best when I’m being myself.

Max: In a positive way, yes, because they were really fit and, of course, I didn’t want to let the brand down. They served as my inspiration.

Andrea: Not at all. Every person has her own unique and distinctive persona of beauty and sexiness. It’s unnecessary to compare.

In a sexy pictorial, do you have a choice who the photographer should be?

Kim: Yes, and I’m lucky that the brand is very supportive of my choice. I am more comfortable in a shoot, especially if a sexy shoot, when the photographer knows what’s best for me.

Max: In some cases, yes.

Say hello to 2017 Calendar Girls

Andrea: Yes, they give us that privilege. With the Colt 45 and Beer na Beer shoot, however, the choice of photographer was never a problem because I’ve worked with Xander Angeles before and he has my trust.

What were some of your unforgettable moments during the shoot, and how long did it take (and where)?

Kim: This whole experience was unforgettable for me because, as I’ve said, I’ve always been a fan. It has been my dream to be a calendar girl for a brand that I admire, that’s why when Ginebra chose me, I considered it definitely a moment to remember.

Max: Probably the strenuous workouts I did! (I did four different workouts that day) I really pushed myself to do each workout well and I can’t forget the last video when I was doing yoga, I was thinking, “I can’t believe I got through this!” We shot everything in about five hours because Xander Angeles had a flight to catch. We shot at his studio in Makati with a NYC gym set-up so it was pretty cool.

Andrea: Asia Brewery thought of putting something unique in my calendars (also my good friend Max Collins’). You download the AReader app on Google Play or App Store and when you scan the AR marker in the calendar, you’ll see us in action. Shooting the videos for that was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. They did different set-ups in the studio so you’ll get several themes every time they update it.

What is your regular health regimen (amount of sleep, diet and workout)?

Kim: I take vitamin C regularly since my job requires staying up late. And when there’s no work naman, I make sure I take12 hours of sleep. And I’m also a drinker of lemon water.

Max: Regularly, because of work I get about five to six hours of sleep a day, eat about two meals a day, drink lots of coffee and workout twice a week (mostly boxing) but only because I’m so busy! When I get time off work, I get a chance to sleep longer and workout every day again.

Andrea: Since Alyas Robin Hood, my schedule has been really tight. I don’t get enough sleep but I’ve never been a deep sleeper. So I try to squeeze in as much workouts in between our tapings and watch what I eat. This is because my role as Venus sometimes requires me to wear somewhat revealing outfit.

What part of your body are you most proud of and what part needs some improvement?

Kim: I’m proud of my nose and my hips, but I think I need to work on my tummy. That’s the hardest part to trim kahit todo workout na ako.

Max: I’m most proud of my back. It is more defined now compared to when I didn’t work out regularly. Parts that need improvement….Well, I will never be satisfied with my abs and butt. You can never do too many squats and crunches!

Andrea: My butt. I really worked hard for it. They’ve improved a lot after years of heavy weight lifting. My arms need improvement. It’s both an advantage and disadvantage that they’re small.

How would you assess year 2016 and what do you look forward to in 2017?

Kim: 2016 has been a blessing to me. It was a very lucky year because it opened a lot of opportunities: I signed with GMA, I had a lot of shows, I was part of a movie, and I can say na mas nakilala ako ngayon.So I’m really thankful to God. Hopefully, 2017 will be the same, or better kung mas marami pangblessings. I’m looking forward to more projects.

Max: I’ve been showered with blessings in 2016 and I would like to give back more in 2017. I can’t ask for a better 2016, it has been amazing. Hopefully, 2017 will be just as amazing or even better!

Andrea: 2016 turned out to be one of my best years yet! There were so many great surprises and it prepared me to take on more diverse and challenging roles.

How many pieces of the calendar did you give your boyfriend or a person dearest to you?

Kim: I gave all my loved ones five copies each, so they have all the five layouts.

Max: As many as they want! Hahahaha!!! I would wait for them to ask for a copy first though.

Andrea: I’m very much single but I’d give anyone all three layouts because that’s how proud I am of the output. We worked so hard to produce them.

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