Tiens Slim Tea

(Weight Lose Tea, Slimming Tea) 1.5g x 40 Sachets What is Obesity: When body becomes rich in fat or excessive calories or body weight is 20% more than ideal weight, it is called Obesity. Obesity or over weight causes many diseases like Hypertension, Diabetics, Atherosclerosis, Hypercholesterolemia, Gall bladder inflammation and others. Side Effects of Traditional […]

Tiens Mobility Enhancer

7.5g x 10 bags Over 4 million North Americans are sticken with arthritis or joint pain. For this reason, Tiens Mobility Enhancer was created. Whether you are just trying to enjoy more carefree life or are in to serious athletics, Mobility Enhancer should be a part of your daily regimen. l Tiens Mobility Enhancer can […]

Chitosan Capsule, Chitosan contains chitin derived from prawn and crab

100 capsules x 350mg Each capsule contains: Chitosan 350mg   Chitosan contains chitin derived from prawn and crab. It reduces cholesterol level, saves blood vessels, purifies kidneys. Protects cardiovascular system. Excretes toxic heavy metals from the body. It contains 80% deacetyle acid. Function of Chitosan: Useful for every age group especially middle and older age […]

High Calcium Lecithin Powder

(Calcium 4) Food for Brain          4gx20 Sachets Composition:  Each sachet contains 54% high calcium lecithin powder, 10% glucose, 5% aspartame, 5% lactose, 30% orange flavor powder, 2.5% citric acid and taurin suitable for elderly people brain stronger, and those who want to improve memory. Lecithin: It is a lipid required by every cell in […]

The Four Steps to Health

In developing the optimum approach to achieve and maintain health and wellbeing, TIENS has adopted a proven formula, used for the past 5000 years, as follows: The Four Steps Step 1: Cleansing Before you can start to create the balancing circle, you must get rid all toxins and the built-up wastes in your body. Step […]