10 Everyday Things That Are Illegal In Saudi Arabia

10 Everyday Things That Are Illegal In Saudi Arabia

10 Everyday Things That Are Illegal In Saudi Arabia

Everyday : You know plenty about the luxurious lifestyle of the people of Saudi Arabia. Their culture, tradition, places to visit at  etc. But, Saudi Arabia is a deeply religious and conservative country. People here are supposed to function under some strict rules of Islam.

There are few rules of Islam which are not supported by the residents. They have started protesting against them.

These are the 10 everyday things banned in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has a rich cultural heritage, but some of these bans are just not acceptable.

1. Anti-Valentine’s Day

Every year on 14th February, when the world celebrates love, Muslim community opposes any stuff related to love like flowers, heart shaped creativity etc. Even you cannot wear red on this day.

2. Social Interaction Between Men And Women Is Not Accepted

Men and women aren’t allowed publicly to have a get-together at malls or restaurants.

3. Women aren’t allowed to drive and no access to driving licence.

Another surprising ban in Saudi Arabia is related to women. Women cannot drive and even have no access to driving licence. Protesting women have now won the battle.

4. Women At Work

Few years before women were not allowed to work. But these days, women can work at departmental stores. Also, education and medical fields are the paths where Muslim women can contribute to the country’s economy.

5. No Provision To Exercise

You cannot exercise the right to choose the religion if you are living in Saudi Arabia. Non-Muslims cannot provoke Muslims and share any news or sayings about their religion to them. For Muslims, change of religion is inviting oneself to the death penalty.

6. No Gym for Women

Private gyms who accepted the entry of women were shut down and only-girl-schools do not allow gym or any other physical activities.

7. You Cannot Eat With Bacon And Pork

If you consume bacon or pork in Saudi Arabia, you aren’t aware with the results. Islamic law doesn’t permit Halal food to enter the gates of the country.

8. Music Schools

As per the rules of Islam, music is not to be taught and played in public schools. Also, music cannot be played in malls or restaurants.

9. Independent Women

Women aren’t allowed to go out and see the world freely unless they are accompanied by their partner. Till the age of 45, they could go out only with male members of the family.

10. Movie Theaters Are Also Banned

Watching movies in Saudi Arabia can lead to mingling of men and women. You can watch a movie only in your private residential spaces.

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