Akash Dadlani To Lash Out At Arshi Khan In Tonight’s Episode Of Bigg Boss 11

Akash Dadlani

Akash Dadlani To Lash Out At Arshi Khan In Tonight’s Episode Of Bigg Boss 11

Bigg Boss 11 can certainly keep one at the edge of his seat, thanks to the many twists and turns that the show has to offer to its audiences. Yesterday, everyone was left shocked after Hiten Tejwani, one of the most level headed, mature and dignified contestants of the lot was evicted from the show. Everyone is certainly going to miss Hiten’s humble and grounded nature in the house, particularly dear friend Vikas Gupta. Now that Hiten’s gone, 8 contestants namely Hina KhanPriyank SharmaPuneesh SharmaAkash DadlaniArshi KhanShilpa ShindeLuv Tyagi and Vikas are left to battle it out.

In yet another surprising turn of events, everyone except Hina Khan will be nominated this week. This is a punishment that Bigg Boss will give to the contestants who tried to outsmart the boss by discussing nominations in a code language. However, like we all know, it is not only difficult but almost impossible to fool Bigg Boss and now that the contestants tried to do so, they will have to face the brunt. Hina Khan is the only one who will be safe as she didn’t break any rules.Akash Dadlani

All contestants will be shown a clipping of each other discussing their nomination choice. Akash will be left shocked when he’ll see his best friend ‘Begum’ Arshi Khan plotting against him. Akash will lash out at Arshi and will repeatedly ask her how she could betray their friendship. He will also taunt her by singing different songs on betrayal. He will go on to break all ties with Arshi and will be seen making it absolutely clear to her that he does not need any fake friends standing by his side in the Bigg Boss house. However, that’s not it for Akash. He will get an earful from Bigg Boss as well as the remaining contestants for breaking the rules of the house. Well, the contestants should have known that nothing escapes the attention of Bigg Boss. If someone like Hiten can be evicted all of a sudden, anything can happen on the show. Watch out for more Bigg Boss related news here.

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