How to open ban websites? How to open blocked websites?

How to open ban websites ? How to open blocked websites? Free Download block site open software How to open ban websites? this is a question that comes to mind whenever people realize that their favorite website is banned in the university, college, office or even at home sometimes. These websites may be banned for several reasons, sometimes to avoid people from wasting their time rather than working or studying or perhaps due to governmental factors. Also, websites with articles that breaks trademark or other perceptive residence privileges are often clogged in some parts.…

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Holy Bible Clearly Says Gay Marriage Is An Evil Act, It Therefore Has No Place In America President Trump

Gay Marriage: US President, Donald Trump has allegedly frowned at the news of a gay marriage (gay couple) that wants to get married February, a US tabloid reports.Recall several social issues disappeared from the White site Friday, including a page dedicated to LGBT rights. A report on the Labor Department’s website on LGBT workers rights was also removed. Advocates for the LGBT community have worried about what a Trump administration would mean for the progress made on equality issues under President Obama. As a candidate, President Trump said he…

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Trump And His Press Secretary Flagrantly Lied On Their First Full Day In Office.

Flagrantly lied Flagrantly lied : On Saturday, President Donald Trump’s first full day in office, he gave a speech at CIA headquarters in which he Flagrantly lied about the size of the crowd at his inauguration and falsely claimed that he had never feuded with the U.S. intelligence community. Hours later, his press secretary emerged from the West Wing, lied about the size of the inaugural crowd and took no questions. The most important news here is not the crowd size, or whether Trump feuded with America’s spies (he did), or even that the president and…

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Malia Obama Just Landed A Dream Hollywood Internship

Malia Obama has different dreams than her father. Malia Obama: As her time in the White House comes to a close, the eldest daughter of President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama has landed a highly sought-after post-high-school gig. She is reportedly set to intern for prolific film producer Harvey Weinstein beginning in February, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed. Weinstein has long been a friend to the Obama administration, hosting star-studded fundraisers at his Westport, Connecticut, home and regularly donating to liberal causes including Obama’s campaign. “I think he’s got deep personal…

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Read Live Updates From Donald Trump Presidential Inauguration


Donald Trump: Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States at noon on Friday. ‘It Is What It Is’ “Mike Pence ― did he ever think he’d be vice president?” joked Sherri Shafer. “It’s like Joe Manchin being vice president.” Pence was on the big television screen taking the oath. Shafer was sitting more than five hours away in a room set aside for West Virginia State University students and faculty to watch the inauguration. Free pizza, sodas and popcorn had been set out. But that…

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To Reconsider Full Obamacare Repeal


Obamacare: They warn that their states would suffer, in some cases badly, without the Medicaid expansion. Obamacare: As congressional Republicans move forward on plans to quickly repeal and ― less quickly ― replace President Barack Obama’s health care law, a wide variety of industry and political influencers are trying to slow their progress. Among the most persuasive may be a set of Republican governors who are fearful about losing the substantial health and monetary benefits from the law that their states currently enjoy. On Friday morning, Politico reported on five…

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Priyanka Chopra Rushed to ER After On-Set Accident


Priyanka Chopra: Priyanka Chopra was rushed to the ER on Thursday, January 12, after suffering an accident on the set of her drama Quantico. According to TMZ, the actress slipped and hit her head, causing a concussion. Shortly after being treated at the hospital, the 34-year-old was discharged and is now recovering at home. “We can confirm that there was a minor incident on the New York set of Quantico last night,” an ABC rep told Us Weekly via a statement on Friday, January 13. “Priyanka was examined by a…

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This Governor Is Defying The GOP And Pushing To Expand Medicaid To Over Half A Million People


North Carolina Republicans passed a law in 2013 that blocks the governor from expanding Medicaid in the state. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D) says he’ll quickly expand Medicaid in his state before President-elect Donald Trump takes office. His vow sets up a confrontation with Republicans in the state who have explicitly passed a law barring him from making such a move. Cooper said Friday he sent a letter to the Center for Medicaid Services this week requesting the expansion under the Affordable Care Act, which Trump and Republicans in…

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Terrifying Times As you all are very well aware, last year during Paris Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian was bound, gagged, and robbed in her hotel room. The masked men, who orchestrated the attack, left her in the bathroom while they threatened to shoot her and stole nearly everything of value in her room. She immediately flew back to the States and took a much-needed break from her public life and steered clear from any social media.  Coming Back Bigger Than Ever It seems like the beginning 2017 is the time…

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