Be 200% sure with your Term Insurance Plan from Coverfox

Be 200% sure with your Term Insurance Plan from Coverfox

It’s time to take that decision of buying complete financial security for your loved ones in your absence with a term plan. And you can be 200% sure about it with a seal of trust from

Death is the inevitable truth of life! No life form is immune from this reality. And the life that is spent before this final journey begins is what defines an individual. It is the happiness, peace of mind, comfort and sense of security that an individual provides for his loved ones, that makes them even happier.

Term Life Insurance Plan is one such companion that an individual chooses to shoulder his financial responsibilities towards his family in his absence. Term life insurance plan provides the financial assistance for maintaining the lifestyle of the family members, for fulfilling children’s dreams of better education and marriage, paying off your loans and liabilities and many other important financial tasks in the absence of the sole breadwinner of the family. Term life insurance plan is the only companion that can do it all.

Term life insurance plan is the best friend that replaces you financially and there can be no substitute for it. However, there is still a small shadow of doubt lurking in the corners of your mind.

Are the following questions still holding you back from taking term life insurance plan on your side in the journey of life?

  • Have I got the best term life insurance plan for myself?
  • Am I missing out something important in my chosen term life insurance plan?
  • Can I get a higher sum assured for a lesser premium?
  • What will be the state of my loved ones if the insurer does not honour its promise?
  • Will they have to run from pillar to post to claim what is rightfully theirs?
  • Who can help them in such a scenario?
  • Will my loved ones fall prey to the conniving vultures who won’t hesitate to take advantage of them to line up their pockets?

All the above questions will be put to rest if you buy a term plan from Coverfox. It is the one-stop shop for all your insurance needs be it Life, Health, Motor or Travel. We have it all!

Here at Coverfox, “We are on your side. Always.” We are with you and your loved ones right from your decision of buying the right term plan that meets all your requirements to proper after sales service till the very end, all way and with your loved ones too in your absence!

How Coverfox provides you 200% Surety?

Coverfox is the most trusted platform to compare and buy insurance policies online. Coverfox answers three important questions with respect to buying term life insurance.

What to buy?

Our Tailor-made Quotes help to zero down a product that best suits you

We strongly believe that a term insurance plan which you buy for protecting yourself and your loved ones must fit you like a suit that is stitched just for you. If not, it would be like burning your home to keep your neighbours warm.

At Coverfox, our proprietary, algorithm-based, technology-driven platform brings choices and customisation within your easy reach. With just a few clicks you can compare policies from different insurers and buy a policy online as per your choice and needs. The basic information regarding your needs and requirements is filtered through our algorithms and the results shown help you compare various term life insurance policies and cherry pick the one that is perfect – one so ideal that nothing else would make sense.

And, if you still have doubts or some questions lurking in the shadows, our team of experts are just a phone call away, they will help in clearing all the doubts related to term life insurance and in making the right choice.

Trust us, if term life insurance plans were physical goods, the soluti

ons presented by Coverfox would be so tailor-made, and you could actually wear it.

Are you confused with the number of options available for a term life insurance plan in the market? Having doubts about a particular term life insurance plan? Want to ask an important question before you click on the buy button? Afraid of being hounded by sales executives after providing your contact details? Fret not! Our On-Demand Advisory Support service will answer all your queries and simplify the buying process for you.

You can be rest assured that you won’t be receiving any annoying and pestering sales calls pushing you to close the sale. Yes, our team consists of well-trained, customer-centric and highly efficient sales executives who will help you in getting complete satisfactory responses to any question or doubts you might have regarding term life insurance plans. They will provide you with unbiased opinions about the features and benefits of various term life insurance plans available from different insurers. Our sales executives will never ever pester or chase you about closing a sale, nor would they hound you with those annoying calls. We believe buying that perfect term life insurance plan needs proper thinking and hence we always move at your pace.

Check for Top Rated Reviews and Ratings

In today’s day and age of internet and social media connectivity sharing experiences and providing reviews about various products and services is very easy. We rarely buy a new product without reading reviews on it. We like to know about the user experience of other customers.

Our pride and honour are well supported and appreciated by the excellent response and reviews from our customers about our products and services. We have the highest ratings of 4.5 on Facebook from our customers. Our renewal percentages are highest among the peers in the industry, standing tall and proud at around 75%. We also have tthe highest NPS score of 72 points