Best Family Health Insurance Plans for Expecting Parents in India

Best Family Health Insurance Plans for Expecting Parents in India

When we have insurance for life, house, cars, and two-wheelers, isn’t maternity insurance an utmost necessity? Everyone knows that childcare costs a bomb nowadays. Also, a basic health insurance policy wouldn’t cover childbirth for you. Have you secured your finances against such a risk?

A few policy providers offer maternity plan as an add-on which can be bought along with the general health insurance and it costs lesser than a separate maternity plan. Unless you have a maternity-care add-on, your health insurance will not cover you- not unless you serve a waiting period of two or three years. To cover this period, there are some excellent maternity benefit plans in India that offer a right amount of cover. A maternity plan covers both normal and caesarean deliveries. A few companies that provide family health insurance for expecting parents are: Royal Sundaram mediclaim insurance policy, Max Bupa, Apollo Munich insurance, Cigna TTK health insurance

The coverage offered by a maternity policy would be explained in detail in the fine print of the policy document. The inclusions and the exclusions of a policy must be understood carefully in order to avoid any rude surprises in future. The Best Health Insurance for Parents can only be found after a thorough comparison. An insurance policy for expecting parents would help them in welcoming the newest member of their family without financial constraints.

What is covered in a Medical Insurance Plan for Expecting Parents?
As told before, the fine print of any policy document will have the list of inclusions and exclusions. To avoid any confusion at the time of claim request, one needs to be aware of the details of the policy. More often than not, the list of inclusions and exclusions is self-explanatory, but, in case of any doubts, one can always consult the insurance agent/broker. Better yet, buy the policy online as you can compare and choose a plan according to your needs. Also, most customer service helpline numbers are active 24*7. Let us look at a few inclusions of a maternity plan.

Hospitalisation: Pre-hospitalisation expenses of up to 30 days before the delivery and post hospitalisation expenses of up to 60 days after the delivery are covered by maternity plans.
Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Expenses: Both normal delivery and caesarean delivery expenses are taken care of by the policy. Any expenses arising due to complications in pregnancy or/and childbirth are also covered by maternity policy plans.
Costs of Hospitalisation: Room rental charges, doctor charges, nurse charges, and anaesthetist charges are borne by the insurer. In case, the need of a consultant, medical advisor or specialist arises, the fees will be covered as well. Ambulance charges are also covered by a maternity policy. Certain cases of pregnancy termination are also covered by a maternity health plan. Instead of a specific maternity plan, you can also club your health insurance with a maternity rider.
Cost Cover for a Newborn Baby: In case any congenital disease or disorder is detected or in case of hospitalisation of the newborn, coverage is provided for up to 90 days from birth.
Best Family Health Insurance Plans for Expecting Parents:
The number of women working in corporates is gradually becoming equal to the number of men. Keeping this trend in mind, many employers are working towards making the workplace more friendly and adaptable. As a step in this direction, a few corporate companies are offering maternity cover plans for their female employees. However, not every expecting female is covered by insurance. Which is why, we have compiled a list of plans that provide cover for maternity care. Let us have a look:

Max BUPA: The maternity plan called The Heartbeat family floater plan. This plan offers maternity cover and newborn cover in all the three variants of the plan– silver, gold and platinum. Along with these, the charges of first-year vaccinations are also covered. The three policy variants offer coverage to up to two pregnancies, provided that the policyholder and spouse have had this policy for at least two consecutive years.
Star Health: Star Health’s maternity plan is called Star Health Wedding Gift Pregnancy Cover. The plan offers a maximum health benefit of Rs.10 lakh. This maternity cover is for up to two pregnancies. It covers both normal and C-section deliveries and also takes care of pre-natal and post-natal expenses. The expenses of the newborn baby are also covered. Both mother and child are covered in case of any post-partum complications. The waiting period for this policy is 3 years.
Cigna TTK: The maternity plan that Cigna TTK insurance offers is called The Pro-health Plus plan. This plan takes care of the maternity expenses, newborn expenses and vaccination expenses. The maximum cover offered by this plan is Rs. 10 lakh. In case of a normal delivery, this plan provides coverage of up to Rs. 15,000, and in the case of a C-section delivery, it offers a benefit of up to Rs. 25000. The waiting period of this policy is 48 months, and the coverage is offered only after the waiting period is served.
Royal Sundaram: The maternity plan offered by Royal Sundaram is called Royal Sundaram Master Product – Total health plus. The benefits offered by this policy are of Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50000. This plan covers hospitalisation expenses, pre- and post-partum expenses, and also offers cover against any complications arising during pregnancy or childbirth. The waiting period for this policy is 3 years.
There is no point in buying a maternity insurance plan after you conceive because all policy providers have a minimum waiting period of about 2 to 3 years. There has been a gradual rise in the maternity expenses which is why people have started looking for suitable health insurance. Remember to compare plans before zeroing on one.

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