Best Guide to Oriental Insurance Plans & Features

Best Guide to Oriental Insurance Plans & Features

Oriental Insurance Company Ltd has been a trusted name in the insurance sector since 1947. Since its incorporation at Bombay in the early years, it has spearheaded an array of various insurance plans and policies to suffice the need of people from all walks of life. The company has introduced different insurance covers keeping in mind the growing needs of the people in both Rural as well as Urban India. Oriental Insurance has been well know in the market for designing unique insurance covers to meet the needs of people involved in projects such as power plants, petrochemical, steel and chemical plants.

Why choose Oriental Insurance Company?
Besides being one of the oldest companies in the market, it offers varied insurance plans to cater to almost all sectors of the society and offers considerable benefits and results. Here are a few reasons that make Oriental Insurance an ideal choice.

Oriental Insurance Company has a well-trained and highly motivated work force. The professionals/experts formulate the plans after proper research, considering the changing demands of the market
It has a technologically well advanced, well-equipped, highly qualified, proficient and skillful team of executives to offer the best customer service and support
The company works with the objective of providing best services by hiring highly efficient and dedicated personnel
The Company’s vision is ‘To be the most respected & preferred Non-Life Insurer in the markets we operate.’ It puts in all the efforts to follow its vision and achieve complete welfare
Oriental Insurance offers a diverse plethora of products and services which include Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Motor Insurance, Home Insurance, and Shopkeeper Insurance among others.
Oriental Insurance Services/Products
As previously mentioned, Oriental Insurance has a wide range of plans to suit the requirements of different people. Oriental Insurance offer their services and products to people from various brackets such as middle-income, low-income and high-income groups. The numerous policies offered are such as Health, Travel, Home, Car, Bike, Business, and Agriculture and so on.

1. Oriental Health Insurance:
Oriental Health Insurance plans ensure that your family and you are protected against any unanticipated medical emergencies. It offers one of the best health covers to safeguard you from the financial burdens during unforeseen medical circumstances that are beyond your control. The main aim of Oriental Health Insurance is to lessen the burden of the insured person from high medical costs/expenses. It takes into account all the expenses incurred due to medical reasons, considering the features of the type of health plan chosen by the concerned person. Any citizen from across India including Men, Women, Children, Senior Citizens and entire Families can avail the health insurance services offered by Oriental Insurance for best health care and support. You can select the Health insurance policies as per your needs and requirements, as it offers customized plans to satisfy customer needs. The rates of premiums will vary according to the total sum assured. Some of the main features of Oriental health Insurance include Benefits on Government levied Taxes, Lifetime Renewal of Medical Policies, Faster claim settlement, Easy Portability (quick transfer of Health insurance policy from one company to another) and Occasional health check-ups free of costs. The Health Insurance policy includes Pre and post hospital costs, emergency ambulance expense and costs due to hospital room, drugs, etc.

2. Oriental Travel Insurance:
Oriental Travel Insurance policies are destined specially who are taking an international tour either for leisure, educational or business purposes. They provide coverage for any unprecedented and unfortunate circumstances that take place when you’re travelling abroad. Anything can happen anywhere and at anytime, so one has to be prepared to adequately face any unfortunate happenings that can eventually disrupt your travel and incur heavy financial losses. Oriental Travel Insurance plans include trip interruption, flight delays, flight cancelations, medical urgencies, evacuations in case of unavoidable incidents, and any other severe issues related to your overseas trip. It offers a comprehensive coverage for your family and you during an international travel. It helps you enjoy your travel peacefully.

3. Oriental Motor Insurance:
Oriental Insurance Company provides a number of Motor Insurance Policies that cover different vehicles such as Car, scooter, Bikes and any Two-wheeler vehicle. It is a specially formulated policy that safeguards the vehicle and his owner vehicle from various damages and loses. Oriental Insurance provides both third party and comprehensive coverage facilities. One can choose various features to secure their ride and can adjust inclusions and add-ons as per their requirements. The premium will thus differ according to the sum insured.

Getting your vehicle insured in this fast paced life from accidents and thefts has become a compulsion. Oriental Motor Insurance makes your ride/drive anywhere stress-free and secures your vehicle from any unwanted risks.

Best Oriental Insurance Plans/Policies
Each of us faces different difficulties at different times. We also have different demands as per out requirements. Some want everything within the same plan, while some want different policies for different issues. Keeping the varied market in mind, Oriental Insurance Company Ltd has formulated a number of policies to meet the varying demands. Here is a list of some of its well known policies.

Individual Mediclaim Policy: Individual Oriental Mediclaim Policy covers a particular individual person for any the medical costs incurred at the time of hospitalization. Under this specific policy an individual acquires coverage towards various sickness and ailments such as accidental injury, surgeries, or any unforeseen medical conditions. The policy can be availed online by anyone through the official website of the company.
Overseas Mediclaim Policy: It is a specially planned policy to secure you and your family from any hazards when travelling internationally. It provides you peace and relaxation during the trip and you can enjoy your travel without taking much tension. You can buy the policy online through the company’s official website.
Happy Family Floater Policy: Oriental Mediclaim offers a uniquely designed Happy Family Floater Policy that protects the whole family i.e. the number of members registered within a sole assured amount. It provides an over-all medical/health cover that safeguards all the family members from any medical emergencies. Oriental Insurance Company offers this special health plan in three different features for each, i.e. Silver, Gold & Diamond plan. You can avail the Happy Family Floater Policy online from the company’s official website.
Janata Personal Accident Policy: Oriental Insurance Company has come up with a one of its kind Insurance policy named Janata Personal Accident Policy. This particular policy offers insurance coverage all the citizens of the country irrespective of the caste, age group, gender and profession/work. However, it can only be availed by people of 10 years of age up to people of 80 years of age. The premiums are minimal and thus affordable by people of all income groups.
Oriental Happy Cash Policy: This plan has been specifically crafted to offer provide everyday money gains to the person insured when he/she is hospitalized. It helps to tackle financial expenses incurred at the time of hospitalization that may create a situation of panic and stress. The policy stands apt for safety for the non-medical costs.
Oriental Householder Policy: This particular policy offers a comprehensive coverage for your house (a housing society) and everything and anything of worth within the premises. It provides protection against various unanticipated dangers like loss due to fire, individual accident, etc.
Nagarik Suraksha Policy: The Nagarik Suraksha Policy by Oriental Insurance offers personal/individual accident cover in case of ,Permanent Total and Partial Disablement, Death and so on. It provides repayment of hospital/medical costs according to the company terms and conditions.
Oriental Car Insurance: Oriental Car Insurance offers coverage of your car and protects it against theft and accident or any other unforeseen damages. It provides both third party and comprehensive covers.
Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance: The Oriental Bike Insurance Policy is specifically formulated are designed to safeguard a bike/scooter rider against any third party liability and property damages. It also provides protect for any personal damages. One can avail special features by add-ons and specialize it according to your needs and requirements.
Oriental Insurance Group Mediclaim Policy: It is a Health Benefit plan that looks after takes care of medical costs following Hospitalization of the Insured person in case of a unforeseen illness, accident, or surgery during the policy term. The Insurance Group Mediclaim Policy by Oriental is be available to any Group, Institution, Association and Business/ Corporate Body of not less than 50 people.
Oriental Insurance Policy Renewal
One can renew their policies online on the company’s website or contact the nearby office for the same. However, it is advisable to renew the policies online as it saves time of physically visiting the office, the renewal online is faster and easy with clear guidelines and one can also avail/compare the best quotes as per the needs merely sitting comfortably at home. Remember, getting your policy renewed before the deadline is as crucial as buying one, so give due importance for the same. Here are some key steps to follow if you want to renew any of your Oriental Insurance policies. Also, keep in mind to adhere to the conditions and procedures mentioned on Oriental Insurance Company’s website. For online renewal of any Oriental Insurance policy, follow these easy steps.

Open Oriental Insurance Company’s official website and Sign up (for a new account) or Sign in (existing account). Insert the correct details required.
Select the option of Policy Renewal on the website.
Further, insert your personal policy number carefully, in order to get your Oriental Insurance policy renewed instantly.
The next step will require you to make an online payment. However, it is recommended to double check your policy number before making the payment to avoid further issues.
After you have made the payment online, the procedure stands successfully complete. You will a soft copy of the renewed policy on the registered email address. You will also receive a confirmation asserting your successful Oriental Insurance online renewal on the registered mobile number.
Oriental Insurance Claim Settlement Procedure
The primary reason for buying Insurance is to get financial aid during times of distress. As a result, an insured keeps paying the premiums to the insurer with a hope that when need arises he/she will be secured and will be able to tackle the financial losses without much stress. Oriental Insurance Company has fabulous past records of proper claim settlements, making it more credible and reliable. It provides a fast, easy and explicit claim settlement process to all its clients.

Oriental Insurance provides an all-day customer support, help and service for claim settlement issues and guidance. You can also get quick claim assistance online from the Oriental Insurance Company’s official website.

Oriental Insurance claim process is easy, simple and quick, you will merely have to waste a couple of minutes to get your work done successfully. However, it is important to know that the settlement process of the claim for various Oriental Insurance policies differs as per company policies. For instance, the claim settlement process for Oriental Home Insurance will be different as compared to that of Oriental Travel Insurance. If you wish to register a claim with Oriental Insurance Company you will to keep in mind a few general steps that remain quite similar for different policy claim settlements.

To file a claim with the Company, it is required on your behalf to inform the insurer as soon as an unfortunate situation takes place for which you stand covered. You will have to at least consider the stipulated time limit mentioned in your policy.
You may make a call to Oriental Insurance Company Ltd straightaway and file your claim at the earliest.
Once Oriental Insurance registers your claim, it is required on your part to hand out all the authentic reports, certificates and papers as per the conditions and requirements of the company to avail monetary aid instantly.
As soon as the claim approval process is completed, your claim will be settled by Oriental Insurance Company Ltd within a stipulated time limit.
Buying a proper insurance policy to safeguard you from unfortunate happenings is the need of the hour to lead a happy and satisfied life. Remember problems won’t knock your door before coming; as such you should be well prepared to beat them. Buy an insurance claim from a trustworthy company to be rest assured about any future misfortunes.

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