Central City murder victim recently moved to New Orleans from Honduras to be with husband

Central City murder victim recently moved to New Orleans from Honduras to be with husband

Central City murder victim recently moved to New Orleans from Honduras to be with husband

Central : The 37-year-old woman killed in the Central City mass shooting Friday evening (Feb. 10) had recently moved to New Orleans from Honduras with her 13-year-old daughter to reunite with her husband, the man’s employer said. Authorities say the woman, who has not been identified, was struck by a stray bullet in a shooting that injured five others.

“She came here about a month and a half ago looking for a better life and lost her life to senseless violence,” said Candince McMillian, owner of McMillian & Holden, a construction firm where the husband has worked for the past decade. “(The husband) is, I want to say, the most amazing, hardest working person I’ve met in my life. For years he’s been saying, ‘All I want is my wife here.'”

The Orleans Parish Coroner has not yet identified the victim.

The woman was sitting on her couch in the family’s home Friday talking to her husband and daughter when a bullet pierced the exterior wall of their apartment and hit her in the chest, McMillian said.

McMillian, who lives two blocks from where the shooting occurred, said she was at home when she heard the gunshots. She talked to the family immediately afterwards. “They are devastated. She was a good woman. They are good people, a very good family. They weren’t into any nonsense or drama. Their son recently died from a terminal disease in Honduras. I think that’s why the wife and daughter moved here.”

The shooting happened around 6 p.m. near Dryades and Second streets. At least two men in a black sedan vehicle opened fire on a group of people standing near the intersection. In addition to the fatality, five people were wounded including three men, ages 39,33 and 21, and a 43-year-old woman, according to NOPD. Police did not give the age of the fourth wounded man.

Investigators believe both men in the car fired their weapons, though they do not yet know a motive.

McMillian said she has lived in the neighborhood for 14 years and it has always been violent.

“That community has been saturated with drugs and violence for as long as I can remember,” she said. “That area needs more police visibility. It’s a forsaken and forgotten area. The police know what’s going on with the substance abuse and daily crime. They are letting them kill each other.”

McMillian also is the founder of the Exodus Place Community Center, which provides mentoring and job training for young men and women. It is located just a few blocks from where the shooting happened. She said most of the violence she sees is not random.

“Eight out of 10 times there was some type of incident that led up to it where someone was retaliating, or someone had a fight or someone was robbed or someone was playing dice and got upset,” McMillian said. “But unfortunately, I’ve seen some innocent people get shot like what happened last night.”

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