Chitosan Capsule, Chitosan contains chitin derived from prawn and crab

100 capsules x 350mg

Each capsule contains: Chitosan 350mg


Chitosan contains chitin derived from prawn and crab. It reduces cholesterol level, saves blood vessels, purifies kidneys. Protects cardiovascular system. Excretes toxic heavy metals from the body. It contains 80% deacetyle acid.

Function of Chitosan: Useful for every age group especially middle and older age groups. Provides energy to the cells. It enhances energy I the body by providing power; thus reducing anxiety. Acts as an anti-aging, increases imunity, protects from diseases, speeds up recuperating processes and regulates body’s physiological functions. It contains amino acids which regulate the working capacity of our body.

Reducing Blood Lipids: It protects body from lipids by reducing its absorption from stomach and intestines. It absorbs and eliminates cholesterol, promotes the conversion of cholesterol from LDL to HDL which is less harmful. It protects our cardio vascular system.

Reducing Blood Pressure: Reduces quantity of Cholesterol and triglycerides. Consists of high density lipoprotein which combines chlorine, iion the main cause of high blood pressure by eliminating it. Prevents all diseases that arise from high blood pressure.

Strengthening Liver: Chitin absorbs the toxic substances in the body; thus provides strength to liver.

Reducing Blood Glucose Level: Chitin polysaccharide increases PH level which in turn increases the secretion and usage of insulin which reduces blood glucose level of diabetics. So it improves diabetic condition.

Excessive Salt Intake: Rich source of fibers. Absorbs fat and sugar. Contains positive iions which combine with chloride ions within salt and eliminate them from the body. Keeps the blood pressure under normal level.

Absorption and Excretion of Heavy Metals: Absorbs and eliminates heavy meals from the body with its positive ions. Reduce the accumulation of heavy metals within the body and help maintaining a balanced electrolyte within the body for good health.

Improving Digestive Function: Enhances the anti-bacterial ability and immense the growth of body.

Dosage: 2 capsules 2 times daily with warm water.

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