The Confidence of Kate Upton

The Confidence of Kate Upton

The Confidence of Kate Upton

Confidence : So last night I was watching a show about Sports Illustrated (details on how they made this years magazine) on travel channel. I, like anyone else was in awe of how gorgeous all of the girls were. Flawless skin, no cellulite, skinny as can be! Shoot. Well, all except one. Kate Upton. This is no bash on her, this is me thinking that she is the most amazing person in the world because she is a real just like us and she KNOWS it. Not only does she know it, she OWNS it.

Seeing the way Kate Upton owns herself is truly inspiring and in return has inspired me to feel good in my own skin. People may not know it but there are many insecurities I have about myself that I hide from the rest of the world. (Not now though, hi everybody.) Like any normal 20 year old I still struggle with how I’m “supposed to look”…constantly worrying about a few blemishes on my face, the minimal amount cellulite I have on the back of my thighs (that nobody else would probably ever even notice)…my hips, my weight…you name it, I have worried about it. Why am I to feel ashamed just because I have a few blemishes on my face? and why does society tell us that this isn’t pretty? What the heck does society know anyways? Pshh. Kate Upton sure doesn’t worry about it and she has been declared the sexiest woman in the world more than once!!!

The thing I love about Kate Upton is that she is comfortable in her own skin no matter what she looks like. I’m aiming to be more like her starting today, and asking all of you to do the same! I realized tonight… so what if I’m going to be walking around the airport at 4am today with no make up on and a few blemishes…isn’t that what most humans look like at 4am? Technically I’m supposed to be asleep, anyways…

Here you can see that without a ton of make up, she looks just like you and me! and she doesn’t care! not one bit. and she knows that thousands of people will be seeing her like this! It just goes to show that confidence is what makes somebody down right gorgeous. 

Another subject that I would like to address is that I struggle with my own body image on a daily basis. I have this horrible habit of staring at my stomach after I eat to make sure I haven’t gained any noticeable weight. How vain/annoying is that? I need to put an end to it. Today. Not only does it lessen self confidence it also drives my mom crazy. Sorry ma. I’m sick of feeling less than just because I wanted to eat a slice of pizza. Gosh…

So now that I’ve told you one of my really absurd habits, I shall hide in my closet now. Lol. But back to Kate…she is a very curvy lady and has defied all odds that famous supermodels have to be stick skinny and maintain a flawless figure. I would say that this is a huge step in the right direction. No longer do models/fans of Kate have to feel the need to be perfect…and we all know that the magazines she appears in are retouched. Sorry I let that secret out of the bag. Hehe.


Here we can see that Kate Upton is by no means perfect, but it’s so obvious that she feels great in the skin she’s in. and we should too!

So to bring this rant to a close… I will walk about the airport tomorrow morning before my flight to Florida with no make up on (because I hate to wear it anyways) and my blemishes will show because I started breaking out this week… But this time around I won’t choose to feel embarrassed by it. I’m not photoshopped, airbrushed or even close to perfect. But… How boring would that be if I was????? I will also wear my bikini with no shame in Tampa this weekend because God gave me this amazing body… that can walk, talk & think.  I don’t want to give up chocolate nor do I want to workout like an animal because I’m lazy and would rather be sitting here typing to you all. Now your homework for today is to eat the dang cookie & wipe off your unneeded make up cause youre “perf” as my little sister says.


side note: yes I may have a few grammatical/punctuational errors…but the way I type is the way I speak…I am not looking for this to be an English paper. This is the real me, all opinions are my own & all errors are my own. I am not here to convince you all that I am extremely intelligent, I’m just here to encourage you. I love you all.

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