Khloe Kardashian Thinks Jordyn Woods Is ‘Profiting’ Off Of Her ‘Heartache’: It’s ‘Frustrating

Khloe Kardashian Thinks Jordyn Woods Is ‘Profiting’ Off Of Her ‘Heartache’: It’s ‘Frustrating

Khloe Kardashian believes Jordyn Woods is capitalizing on her scandal with Tristram Thompson for her ‘own quarter-hour of fame,’ however another supply tells US that it’s not Jordyn who’s chasing when these opportunities!

Khloe Kardashian, 35, thinks it’s no coincidence that Jordyn Woods, 21, has been creating career moves within the 5 months since her scandal with Khloe’s ex, Tristram Thompson, 28, played out. “Khloe finds it exhausting to believe that Jordyn has no plan what she’s doing once it involves exploitation the scandal to market her career, and particularly once it involves hanging out with the boys in Khloe’s life,” a supply solely tells HollywoodLife. Ever since her ties with reality television’s most famed family were cut, Jordyn launched her second assortment with Boohoo, landed the role of Rick Ross’ love interest in his music video “BIG TYME,” and earned her own cowl story with Cosmopolitan United Kingdom during which she divulged even a lot of details regarding the difference following that one alleged kiss that happened at Tristan’s party in Gregorian calendar month. 17. And due to that video of her saltation ahead of Khloe’s alternative ex, James Harden, 29, Jordyn’s name created the headline circuit all over again on Gregorian calendar month twenty five.
erdrive without delay. “Khloe feels with out a doubt that Jordyn is taking advantage of her for her own quarter-hour of fame on the heels of Khloe’s heartache” that the great yank co-founder is “bothered” by, however she conjointly “recognizes the hustle,” another supply solely tells HollywoodLife! Ironically, that’s as a result of Khloe thinks she impressed the perspective as our corporate executive poses the question, “Where does one suppose Jordyn learned that hustle?”
Now that we’re approaching the half-year day of remembrance of this scandal, Khloe desires to justify herself from this narrative. however that’s not entirely potential, as our supply adds, “Khloe would rather take away herself from the entire state of affairs however she perpetually currently has got to monitor what Jordyn says or will, it’s frustrating however it’s currently a district of Khloe’s life. however Jordyn higher notice to not cross Khloe in any manner within the future as a result of Khloe can check that she has the victory.”

While Jordyn has without doubt been within the limelight for far more reasons than being kiley Jenner’s BFF in 2019, a 3rd supply tells US the career glowup hasn’t been intentional. “People are approaching Jordyn, not the opposite manner around,” a supply connected to the influencer solely tells us! “She isn’t going when any of the opportunities that ar returning her manner, most are returning to her. Jordyn has no intention of injuring anyone however she conjointly doesn’t believe she ought to flip down opportunities, that doesn’t build any sense.” Touché — United Nations agency would flip down their own magazine cover? Jordyn has even been making an attempt to create amends to no avail, consistent with this insider!

“Jordyn would love nothing quite for her relationship with kiley and with Khloe and with the entire family to be mounted however to date they haven’t been receptive her makes an attempt to do and heal things thus what else will she do?” our third supply tells US, who adds, “She isn’t attending to simply stop her life, she doesn’t be that.”

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