Love Island fans slam ‘controlling’ Maura once ‘threatening new girls’

Love Island fans slam 'controlling' Maura once 'threatening new girls'

Maura Higgins has been known as out by viewers for ‘controlling’ behaviour and ‘double standards’
Love Island fans have taken Maura Higgins to task for her ‘double standards’ behaviour within the villa.

The arrival of 2 new ‘bombshells’ raised eyebrows on the ITV2 qualitative analysis show, primarily owing to Maura’s reaction to the new ladies.

After finally winning the guts of Curtis Pritchard, she wasn’t in any mood to lose him at the primary chance and sent a warning to the newbies regarding her man.

Curtis has already shown that his head is turned once the women visited Casa Cupid and he complete that Amy Hart wasn’t the person he was trying to find in any case.
With this in mind, Maura has created certain that everybody understand that he’s her villa partner and woe come about anyone that gets within the manner.

After hearing that Ovie Soko and Chris Taylor would be heading out for dates with Harley Brash and Bharat Sir Joshua Reynolds, Maura expressed that if the new ladies even checked out Curtis, she would be “fuming”.

While several viewers were disquieted regarding her ‘controlling nature’, they were very hot and bothered once it had been declared that a brand new guy, Greg, was anticipating Amber, in order that they might have a primary date.
Maura was then detected obtaining excited at the prospect of a brand new man within the villa and thirstily asked: “I wish to visualize the new boy, am i able to associate with you Amber?”

Of course, this ‘double-standard’ wasn’t lost on viewers, UN agency took to Twitter to share their issues for Curtis and their disgust at Maura’s behaviour.

One fan tweeted: “Literally why will no-one care regarding Maura’s dominant behaviour threatening if the new ladies scrutinize Curtis.”
Another asked: “#LoveIsIand do not get Maura, she lays down the law with {the ladies|the women|the ladies} speech communication if the new girls bit Curtis then they’re dead. Then once she herd regarding Gregg, she plumbed extatic Ohio am i able to see him etc.[sic]”

A third viewer shared: “Maura being territorial over Curtis is hysterical as a result of she was claiming she had butterflies for each different guy within the villa. longer its been moths. She makes Maine cringe man # Loveisland”
The situation wasn’t lost on another fan, UN agency tweeted: “Maura: If one amongst the new ladies appearance at Curtis I’ll be fuming. 5minutes later… i need to visualize the new boy am i able to are available with you Amber.”
With new arrivals within the villa, there’ll be relationships tested however ought to or not it’s Curtis worrying regarding the wandering eye of Maura instead of the opposite manner around?

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