New details on Alien: Covenant’s 3 primary monsters! (Spoilers)

New details on Alien: Covenant's 3 primary monsters!

 New details on Alien: Covenant’s 3 primary monsters!

Details  : With the Alien: Covenant trailer mere days away from releasing online, Fox have kept a lot of the film’s secrets from leaking out. However, as with any production, some information is bound to leak and today, we have a little insight to some information concerning the new monsters in Alien: Covenant. Obviously, the following contains spoilers so if you would like to avoid said spoilers, you probably shouldn’t continue on.

Before I get started, I should also note that the image used for this article (above) is not a reflection of the monsters in Alien: Covenant, but simply fan artwork inspired by Covenant.

There are 3 primary monsters

Alien: Covenant will feature 3 primary monsters. What I mean by this is there are three definitively different creatures introduced in the film. Though, one of them, the Neomorphs there seem to be a lot of, as opposed to the other two.

Not representation of the Neomorph – unused Prometheus concept

The Neomorphs

This is not new information – AvPGalaxy leaked their details a month or so ago, but to re-cap, these Aliens are spawned by hosts walking into and absorbing spores released by pods which have sprouted on the surface of the planet the Covenant crew land on. Apparently, one is seen entering the ear of one of the crew, which leads to a nasty birthing scene where the young Neomorph bursts from the crew member’s back.

Appearance-wise, the Neomorphs are the most “unique”, being white in color and sporting dorsal spikes and a shorter crest, like that of the Deacon from Prometheus. The Neomorphs take up most of the film and the other Aliens don’t make an appearance until later in the film.

The Protomorph

The name is not official, just what we’re calling it. This Protomorph is a pre-existing Alien and the one featured on the current teaser poster for the film (hinted at, not confirmed). This Protomorph is birthed after David manages to trick one of the Covenant crew (we won’t say who) into going into David’s experiment room, where he gets latched onto by a Facehugger. It is somewhat of a primordial version of the iconic Xenomorph. However, it’s visibly different in appearance. Apparently, the Protomorph looks similar to a mix between the Runner Alien in Alien 3 and the Aliens in Alien: Resurrection. Strangely enough, a lot like this:


The Waltermorph?

Again, a name we made up to describe this beast – we have been told and confirmed by cross-referencing a recent plot leak (which we were asked to remove a few days ago) that (either) David or Walter, the two androids present in Covenant both played by Michael Fassbender will actually birth an Alien. The Android DNA is a concept we’re not 100% sure about, we know it exists in the film and is broached, but we have absolutely no idea how it compares to organic DNA – and how an Alien could bind with it.

What happens (Speculation):

The Protomorph is the primary target and ends up “evolving” into the classic Xenomorph, however the means for its evolution was not described in detail to us. It was hinted however, that it is somehow merged with the Waltermorph in order to create the Xenomorph – whether this means the Protomorph attacks and impregnates the Waltermorph and in turn births the Xenormoph, we’re unsure. The two could also somehow mate in some twisted way and produce the Xenomorph like how the Queen in Alien: Resurrection birthed the hybrid Newborn, although we’re leaning more towards the former possibility.

Why would Aliens infect Androids in Alien: Covenant but NEVER again throughout the series?!

I’m sure you’re wondering why an Alien could impregnate an artificial being, having only ever witness the beast able to impregnate organic life in every Alien film created. Synthetics seemed to be impervious to impregnation.

The (Possible) Answer:

By conjoining the DNA of the Waltermorph (purely synthetic abomination) with the DNA of the Protomorph (purely organic, not biomechanical at all) the blending of the two inhibit the Xenomorph’s ability to impregnate a synthetic person. This theory can be expanded upon at length, but at the moment a lengthy explanation escapes me. But, the reasoning could be that by nature, the Xenomorph is part synthetic – biomechanical and robots can not reproduce. The organic nature and reproductive capability of the Xenomorph was essentially corrupted during its evolution and so, requires only organic hosts to continue its life cycle and produce more Xenos. This is the same reason a Facehugger can not impregnate another Xenomorph.

The irony behind that explanation being that the Engineers, who seemed to be blended with biomechanical “suits” in Prometheus (but white and free of biomechanics at the start – similarly to the Neomorphs) could have met the same fate after attempting to blend their DNA with that of synthetic creations; they lost their own ability to reproduce, which led to their eventual extinction. The installations on LV-223 could be a place where the Engineers were trying to “reverse-engineer” their own creation and undo themselves from their self-induced biomechanical prisons – almost like freeing themselves from sin.

The reasoning and piecing together is purely speculation as a disclaimer, but the details concerning the three monsters seem to 99% accurate, having cross referenced with a few different trusted sources.

Of course, the intention of this article is not to ruin the experience for those seeing Alien: Covenant in theaters this May, but for those of us who don’t mind spoilers and who enjoy dissecting and discussing every single shred of information concerning this franchise. So, for those of us who don’t mind being spoiled a bit, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and if you like the post, feel free to give it an up-vote!

A special thanks to forum regular Big Dave for joining me on this post and for playing a vital role in obtaining a lot of the information presented.

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