Do I Need An Injury Lawyer In Arizona, Or Can I Do It Myself?

Do I Need An Injury Lawyer In Arizona, Or Can I Do It Myself?

This is one of the most common questions people ask themselves after a motor vehicle accident: “Do I really need an attorney?” After all, in this technological age, where so much information is available online, isn’t it possible to represent yourself and handle the legal details on your own?

Yes, it may be possible – but it’s also extremely dangerous. In most cases, car accident victims should never attempt to represent themselves. Here are four reasons why

1. You Are Going Up Against Powerful And Experienced Companies

You may think that because you are an individual and you were hit by another individual, you’re operating on a level playing field. This is not true. Actually, when you have a car accident claim, you are primarily interacting with the auto insurance companies.

These insurance companies have extensive experience and entire teams of professionals dedicated to minimizing the amount they pay out. They are definitely not on your side. Like any business, their goal is to make a profit, not to help you

2. You Don’t Know The Nuances Of Arizona Law

Unless you are a personal injury attorney, it’s unlikely that you understand the details of a car accident claim in this state, including the relevant statute of limitations, the available damages, the proof needed to establish a claim, how to present a case in court and more. Fully understanding these legal details is critical to your success, so it makes sense to work with someone who has a thorough grasp of them

3. You Have Enough To Think About Already

When you are injured, recovering your health is a full-time job. The last thing you need is to add more stress to your life by attempting to negotiate with insurance adjusters, file paperwork, gather evidence and complete a myriad of other tasks. It’s worthwhile to let a professional deal with it on your behalf.

4. You Don’t Want To Make A Costly Mistake

In some cases, individuals attempt to handle their own personal injury cases, only to end up making irreparable mistakes. You don’t want to accept a settlement that is far less than you deserve, for instance. If you do, it’s too late. You’ve forever signed away your right to sue. Likewise, you don’t want to miss the statute of limitations (your time limit for filing a claim) or make other critical missteps.

Remember, at first glance it may appear that you could handle your case yourself, but for the best chance of success, it makes sense to retain an experienced lawyer.