Shawn Mendes Kicks Off twenty initial Birthday along side his “Señorita” Camila Cabello

Shawn Mendes Kicks Off twenty initial Birthday along side his "Señorita" Camila Cabello

Tonight’s 2-hour Jersey Shore Family Vacation special brought fans on for microphone “The Situation” Sorrentinoand Lauren Pesce highly-anticipated day, however a lot of to the dismay of the bride and groom’s pet ones, one guest vulnerable to ruin it all.

Yes, we’re talking regarding Ronnie Magro-Ortiz and girlfriend Jen Harley (evidently brought up as “Taters” by the cast), whose on-again, off-again relationship has seriously ticked off the marriage party.

In the hours leading up to microphone and Lauren’s “I do’s,” that materialized last Gregorian calendar month, even Ronnie cannot predict if his plus-one goes to indicate up.

“I undoubtedly suppose Jen and therefore the baby being at the marriage may be a smart factor in my relationship,” he says. “I need each of my families to mesh along. however on every occasion I bring Jen around it becomes a giant joke of some kind, therefore it’s like i do not understand what to try and do.”
And whereas microphone and Lauren are not as distressed regarding Jen/Taters disclosure, Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly D have their eyes in the raw for any drama.
As Vinny puts it, “This is that the direction for a whole s–t show disaster. Now, not solely area unit we tend to on West Chadic spiral duty, we’re additionally on Jen watch.”

“By being a groomsmen at this wedding” Pauly adds, “we accepted the responsibility to air West Chadic spiral watch. i will take that responsibility, however Jen? i am unable to air Jen watch. i am petrified of that lady.”
The ceremony itself burst while not a hitch, and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “JWoww” Farley’s daughters area unit primarily the cutest flower women of all time. Tears were shared, vows were changed, and microphone acknowledged the terribly jarring road he took to search out the love of his life.

“Me standing her is extremely special, as a result of I should not be here these days,” he says. “And i am here due to my stunning bride. it is a miracle.”
Going into the reception, Jenni admits she’s “paranoid” regarding having to confront Jen, WHO arrives with their female offspring city. however once forced to came to face with Ronnie’s plus-one, Jenni and Snooki area unit able to exchange pleasantries and position themselves at the alternative finish of the table.

No stress, right? Not therefore quick…

As microphone and Lauren prepare to properly greet their wedding guests and extremely get the party started, a glance at next week’s episode guarantees even a lot of drama between the Jersey Shore roomies.

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