Ellen DeGeneres and Sandra Bullock Sue incomplete Websites Over deceptive Ads

Ellen DeGeneres and Sandra Bullock Sue incomplete Websites Over deceptive Ads

The Hollywood stars area unit bored stiff with incomplete websites exploitation their likeness (without their consent) to incorrectly promote numerous merchandise with false endorsements, E! News has learned.

According to documents obtained by E! News, each Bullock and DeGeneres have taken action by filing a legal proceeding within the la court against the defendants, World Health Organization area unit listed as John will one through 100—because it’s unclear World Health Organization specifically runs the websites and/or World Health Organization is behind the alleged fraud.

The beloved tv host and Ocean’s eight actor area unit fighting against these sites, that they claim area unit spreading—for lack of a stronger word—fake news. Some samples of the false advertisements show the 2 endorsing anti-aging skin care merchandise or alternative beauty things, that they’re each expression could not be away from the reality.

What’s more? These false ads allegedly embody unreal quotes by Bullock, DeGeneres and alternative celebrities.
Michael Kump, Bullock’s lawyer, and Michael Weinsten, DeGeneres’s lawyer, summed it up best once sharing a press release with NBC News.

“People area unit being defrauded during this huge scam exploitation Sandra’s and Ellen’s names and pictures. Like Whack-A-Mole, for every faux web site exposed, another one pops up,” the statement browse. “The criticism exposes the scam and the way it works therefore individuals will avoid obtaining at bay in it, and provides the simplest way to spot those accountable and taking advantage of it so that they are often stopped and command to account.”
Moreover, The big apple Times reports the legal proceeding alleges that the false advertisements “typically embody uncorroborated claims that the merchandise can result in dramatic results.”

“These corporations amendment names often, merge in and out of entities shaped in states that provide secrecy, operate websites that crop up and disappear nightlong, and customarily do everything potential to ‘stay one step earlier than the peace officer,'” the criticism states, in step with the NYT.

According to the publication, these websites have desecrated California’s false advertising and unfair competition laws. what is more, the suit alleges they’re conjointly violating the Hollywood stars’ right to promotion.

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