Tagle: Emulate Jesus’ love for the sinners

Tagle: Emulate Jesus' love for the sinners

Tagle: Emulate Jesus’ love for the sinnersTagle: Emulate Jesus' love for the sinners

MANILA – Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle on early Monday called on the faithful to emulate Jesus’ love for the sinners.

Tagle delivered the homily in the midnight Mass at the Quiapo Church for the celebration of the Black Nazarene’s Traslacion. Quiapo Church rector Msgr. Hernando Coronel presided over the Holy Mass.

In his homily, Tagle centered on the theme of this year’s Traslacion, “Pag-ibig ang buklod ng ganap na pagkakaisa.”

According to Tagle, Jesus the Nazarene showed a kind of love to the sinners which the Filipino people can relate to — “Hindi kayo naiiba sa akin (You are no different from me).”

Tagle, who reminded the faithful that on Sunday, the church also celebrates the Feast of the Epiphany, where Jesus Christ received his baptism, said that Jesus was never ashamed to be seen with the lowest in society.

“Hindi niya ikinahiya na makilala at makita na kasama ng mga aba,” Tagle said, referring to Jesus.

(He was not ashamed to be known and seen to be with the lowest of the low.)

The cardinal added that Jesus never judged the sinners, hitting those who claim self-righteousness over others.

“Huwag ninyo husgahan (ang mga makasalanan) dahil tayo minsan, nakakalimot din (gawin ang tama),” Tagle said.

(Do not judge the sinners as we, sometimes, forget to resist temptation.)

Towards the end of his homily, Tagle called on the faithful to unite in resisting temptation and to remind others to always do the right thing.

In his parting words, Tagle prayed for Jesus to teach his faithful to emulate his love.

“Hesus Nazareno, tulungan mo kami magmahal gaya ng pagmamahal na ipinakita mo sa amin.”

(Jesus the Nazarene, help us love the same way you love us.)

Police search Camp Bagong Diwa jail ahead of Traslacion 2017

TAGUIG — The National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) searched on Saturday two Special Intensive Care jail facilities inside Camp Bagong Diwa amid terror threats ahead of Monday’s procession of the Black Nazarene.

About 250 officers searched jail cells where suspected members of the Abu Sayyaf and other high-profile inmates are detained.

Police seized contraband items, such as two cellphones as well as a notebook filled with phone numbers. The items are being investigated.

“Importante yun, mapag-aralan, maimbistigahan especially yung mga contact numbers, bank account kung meron, account numbers,” said Police Senior Superintendent Eleazar Matta, NCRPO regional intelligence officer.

(It is important to study and investigate especially the contact number as well as bank accounts if there are.)

Matta said his office has not confirmed that threats exist within Camp Bagong Diwa but he said police are not discounting any possibility.

Threats to the annual Black Nazarene procession are not new and the NCRPO said they believe this year’s procession will be safe as well.

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