Fawad Khan was glad for the ‘anonymity’ during Hajj

Fawad Khan was glad for the 'anonymity' during Hajj

Fawad Khan was glad for the ‘anonymity’ during Hajj

Fawad Khan:Fawad Khan performed Hajj last week and had the honour of lunching with the Saudi king.

The actor represented Pakistan at the closing ceremony of Hajj hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Media and says that he enjoyed every moment of his spiritual experience.

In an interview with Arab News, the Humsafar star said, “Being one among 2.4 million people is the easiest thing on earth. You feel comfortable because you are in the same space with other people who bare their hearts to God. You feel just like any other person among them. And you are not under media scrutiny as you are on normal days.”

Knowing the cost of stardom, Fawad said: “It feels nice to be a face in the crowd.”

“But I enjoy the anonymity now and then. In a way, it is very refreshing. People during Hajj are so busy and caught up in what they are doing that they don’t have time for these things. They are very considerate. They are very careful about what they are doing.”

“When I wake up, I feel just as human as all people do,” he said. “When I see such a massive outpouring of affection and adulation, I feel frightened since being elevated to such a position is something to be feared. It is an honour, yes, but I also feel afraid because the responsibilities are greater.”

Guess it’s not so easy being Fawad Khan!

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