In 2018, Nneka Onuorah had a plan: travel over one hundred countries to market her documentary, identical distinction. She didn’t have any funding or investors to assist her finance the tour, thus she dead her vision on her own.

After one spoken language with Onuorah, it becomes apparent that she didn’t accomplish such a deed accidentally. “I sold out 400-person theatres with my very own selling arrange,” she tells MTV News. “They aforesaid it’d take 1,000,000 bucks to try and do what I’ve done. It took Pine Tree State $10,000. If you prove that you simply will do everything with nothing, imagine what you’ll do with real funding.”

That lack of funding didn’t stop her from manufacturing identical distinction severally in 2015 when effort employment that now not served her purpose. That year, her Kickstarter for the film did not raise enough cash to fund the documentary; the Queens, ny native additionally took on serious revisions to the project as a result of she felt her initial script lacked the required detail to convey the message she sought-after to speak.

The documentary, that premiered in June 2015, uses panel interviews with African-American lesbian and bisexual ladies to supply nuanced insights into the unspoken rules that dictate power dynamics among lesbian culture within the black community.

The documentary walks viewers through a series of alleged “rules” that dictate the manner studs, femmes, and different subgroups among the LGBTQIA+ community feel expected to gift themselves, and options queer celebrities together with genus Felicia “Snoop” Pearson from The Wire, Lea Delaria from Orange is that the New Black, AzMarie Robert R. Livingston from Empire, and Dee Pimpin from Catfish. Onuorah uses the dialogue that emerges to bar against stereotypes and make area for individuality and acceptance.

Since the discharge of identical distinction, Onuorah has worked diligently to share intersectional stories on giant platforms. In 2018, she worked as a field director on Netflix’s initial and Last, that surveys America’s criminal justice system, and as a field producer on Viceland’s My House, that examines the intersection of the social dancing community and Black and Latinx communities in ny town. She’s presently co-producing a replacement show for Viceland Paris that “will break open loads of problems around burdened people that struggle with the concept of freedom.”

MTV News spoke with Onuorah regarding her guiding principles, her definition of freedom, and therefore the responsibility that comes with filmmaking.
MTV News: specializing in comes that spoke to you on a private level was one thing of a career shift for you. however did you navigate that transition?

Nneka Onuorah: Having a concept is what alleviated my anxiety. I didn’t leave while not a concept. after you have a concept that you simply will follow, everything doesn’t appear thus overwhelming. I took my time and targeted on little things that crystal rectifier to larger wins. I didn’t swing for the fences as shortly as I got started. I targeted on one factor at a time, and separated myself from something that didn’t align with my goals.

I created a structure that allowed Pine Tree State to require possession of my ideas. I had been attempting to persuade some other person that my ideas were vital, once essentially I ought to are proving identical factor to myself.

I rapt strategically. I had already saved some cash, started the documentary, and engineered some vital relationships among the corporate before I quit. I created a controlled schedule. i might estimate for the primary 3 hours of my day. i might pay consecutive 3 hours pitching writers WHO specialize in topics connected to the documentary. 3 out of 5 would say affirmative. I unbroken possession of all my comes and used the residual cash to fund my next comes.

MTV News: You’ve systematically embraced failure as a region of your method — most notably the failing Kickstarter and incomplete script for identical distinction. however does one keep positive of yourself once failures occur on massive stages?

NO: Failure is what connects all. I don’t believe that folks WHO faux that their lives area unit good area unit happy on the within. I can’t stand presenting as one thing that I’m not. Refusing to share however I feel is analytic — I find yourself alone for no reason. we have a tendency to may all be thinking identical things, however if nobody expresses those feelings, then no one is aware of. Telling the reality permits USA to own the complete, human, connective expertise that we’re meant to own.

MTV News: You documented the Black LGBTQIA community for identical distinction. You’re additionally a part of that community. the previous needs a degree of separation from the topic matter, whereas the latter is, by definition, tied to shared expertise. however did you balance these 2 on the face of it oppositional positions for the creation of this film?

NO: I did what had to be done. loads of individuals follow the communities that they’re naturally drawn to, for safety and luxury. That’s ne’er been my truth. I’m lucky to be a region of the many communities — I’m a Black lesbian from Queens WHO is considerably connected in company America. I’ve traveled loads, thus I actually have vital connections in Parisian and African communities. I manage the privilege that I actually have by existing in such a lot of areas, and represent myself during a manner that permits Pine Tree State to require the communities that I’m a part of to consecutive level.

MTV News: pleasing visibility may be a slippery slope, because it will doubtless diminish the accomplishments of individuals with smaller platforms WHO do the work each day. however does one attempt to make sure that you stay high-principled as your visibility continues to rise?

NO: I rate amplifying the voices of individuals WHO don’t have the platforms they have to precise themselves on giant stages — whether or not the restrictions of their platforms area unit thanks to oppression, lack of education, legal matters, or finances. i will be able to continually use film as a tool to assist folks share and justify their own stories. i will be able to continually facilitate folks do the inner work necessary to know what’s happening to them as a results of society’s constructs.

I don’t specialize in victimization. each film shows people that area unit each celebrating themselves, and fighting for his or her lives. Media tends to inform the story of however unhappy and burdened we have a tendency to area unit. Telling unhappy stories doesn’t facilitate unless we have a tendency to begin to interrogate what the opposite aspect of that unhappiness seems like. The community must see what it’s like for you to be nice, beautiful, powerful, and bold. we have a tendency to all have our own flaws and faults, several of that stem from the system that we’re in. We’re additionally simply humans. We’re still learning. i will be able to still tell stories that enable USA to join whereas exploring our own demons.

MTV News: What makes film such a very important vehicle for capturing a community’s intricacies?

NO: Film is that the most powerful tool on the world. I’ll use my life as associate example. i like Paris most. I’m crazy with equally of it. I saw Paris on Madonna Kate & Ashley and therefore the Parent lure as a child, and fell crazy with French culture. I had ne’er been there. I grew up within the Paris building within the LeFrak town neighborhood of Queens. That was the nighest I had been to Paris as a baby. I fell crazy with a part of the globe that I had ne’er skilled for myself through the facility of cinema. Books and film provide you with the access to areas, though you don’t have the resources to physically travel there.

Film permits you to explore your curiosity without worrying of judgement — sort of a person of color who’s interested in a unique culture, or a straight who’s interested in gay culture. folks refrain from asking sure queries for worry of offending somebody or viewing the incorrect manner. With cinema, you’ll watch and learn and interpret without worrying. Judgement prevents the unfold of data. no one needs to look ignorant. Film permits you to expertise and perceive on your own terms.

MTV News: What responsibilities come back in conjunction with the facility that filmmakers possess?

NO: Filmmakers have an excellent responsibility. particularly social filmmakers. At times, we’re creating films in dangerous things that have an effect on people’s daily lives. Exposing people’s stories and being gift in their surroundings changes their lives — typically for higher, typically for worse. As filmmakers, we’ve to remember of those things and stop any potential damage that might come back from sharing stories that folks have trustworthy USA with. after you place data into the globe, you’ve got to be chargeable for the narrative that you simply produce. you’ve got a voice.

MTV News: does one have any recommendation to supply to folks curious about breaking into the filmmaking industry?

NO: suppose little. typically you’ve got to figure for complimentary. typically you would like expertise. cross-check however you’ll be of import to people that do the items that you simply need to try and do. If you’ll give worth to somebody in exchange for information that you simply would like, do that. you’ve got to own a method, and take little steps towards your goal. Don’t simply say you wish to be a wealthy person. Be specific. What job does one need to try and do, and why? What story does one need to tell? What’s driving you? You won’t connect with folks till you begin to know that.

MTV News: you lately attended the 2019 GLAAD Awards. What were a number of the foremost unforgettable moments from that night?

NO: The GLAAD Awards were wonderful — not solely as a result of i used to be honored, however as a result of I saw Jay-Z and Beyoncé receive the Vanguard Award. i used to be nominative for my work on My House, a show on Viceland that’s close to and pricey to my heart as a queer lady WHO grew up recreation. The show is regarding the intersection of the social dancing community and Black/Latinx communities in ny town. I ought to share area with transformative people WHO support the authorization of Black LGBTQ folks. Seeing Jay-Z and Beyoncé receive the Vanguard Award was unimaginable, significantly as a result of most of what Jay-Z talks regarding connects directly with what I care regarding.
MTV News: The fiftieth day of remembrance of the Stonewall Riots in ny town is arising in June. What does one suppose must be true among the LGBTQIA community over consecutive fifty years?

NO: Power and believability. the primary fifty years were regarding survival. The Butch-Femme dynamic came to be before Stonewall as a method of giving lesbian couples a safer thanks to walk down the road in ny town — as a result of initially look they may appear to be a straight couple. currently that we’re past Stonewall, that dynamic has become patriarchic.

I want USA to run in freedom — not survival. i would like folks to be their full, expressive, authentic selves. we have a tendency to don’t got to match among labels or boxes. we want to try and do “us” for consecutive fifty years, notwithstanding what anyone says. i would like USA to maneuver within the world as anyone else would. If we have a tendency to already see ourselves as “othered,” then that’s however we’re getting to walk into an area.

MTV News: If you had to supply a word of encouragement to your younger self, what would you say?

NO: after I was younger and that i would dance in church, somebody told Pine Tree State that I dance too onerous. From that time on, I continually tried to refine my recreation. I didn’t perceive the construct of a individual, thus I simply assumed that they were right. As I got older, I saw that everybody WHO dances well dances onerous. i noticed that folks were simply hating on Pine Tree State, which I had been carrying that with Pine Tree State for my whole life. once you’re young, you assign most and it becomes WHO you’re after you mature. Do things for you. Do what you’re feeling within. Let that out. It’s a sort of expressive style. Don’t hold something back. Lay down all of your emotions. With dance, you can’t hide something. Let yourself go, and let yourself feel.

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