The Four Steps to Health

In developing the optimum approach to achieve and maintain health and wellbeing, TIENS has adopted a proven formula, used for the past 5000 years, as follows:

The Four Steps

Step 1: Cleansing

Before you can start to create the balancing circle, you must get rid all toxins and the built-up wastes in your body.

Step 2: Replenishing

This step involves replacement of the toxins with all the natural resources that your body has been releasing.

Step 3: Strengthening

To ensure the utmost resistance and to maximize the effects of step 1 and 2, this is important to strengthen the immune system via repetition of the above mentioned steps.

Step 4: Balancing

The final step to the path of well being brings your body systems back into balance. This approach to health is the best way to fight against the rigors and challenges presented by the modern world.

ANTILIP TEA (Cardio Tea)

3g x 20 Sachets

Ingredients: Green Tea, Gynostemma, Pentaphyllum, Cassia Obtusifolia, Nelumbo Nucifera garth, Polygonum multiflorum.

Green Tea:  Contains Caffeine, theobromine, theophylline and others. Strengthens cardiovascular system, anti-aging. Strengthens immune system, improves blood circulation and provides energy to our body. Reduces cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis.

Gynostemma, Pentaphyllum: Cool and non-toxic, usually used to reduce inflammation, swelling, cough both dry and expectorant. Its also known as “Second Ginseng”. Helps in providing energy, thus reducing aging and gives support to our immune system. Strengthens metabolic system and helps to reduce cholesterol level, inhabits the synthesis of fatty acids and decreases Triglycerides from blood, thus protecting from diseases of coronary arteries like Angina, MI and many other.

Cassia Obtusifolia:  Rich in calcium, vitamin A, Rhein, Emodin and other micro elements like copper, zinc salanium and other.

Polygonum Multiform:  Rich in Lecithin which protects from hypercholesterolemia, arteriosclerosis and also athrosclerosis. Enhances volume of blood flow through arteries. Maintains heart rate, reduces Tachycarida.

Dosage:   2 tea bags each time twice a day immense in hot water for 10 minutes. Can be taken continuously.

Tiens Anti-Oxidant Plus

(Vigorous Capsule)

60 Capsules Bottle

Benefits as an Antioxidant:

Deactivate free radicals which are highly destructing chemicals damaging cells and contributing to many diseases ranging from stroke, heart attacks and cancers. Maintains health of blood vessels’ wall from cholesterol. Improves blood circulation.

Therapeutic Effects:

Reduces platelets aggregation and blood cell clumping. Reduces risk factors of cardiovascular disease. Enhances blood circulation in all four limbs and optic capillaries. Prevents premature aging.

General health care and Energy Source for Heart

Vigorous capsules function like anti-bacteria, anti-inflammtory, anti-oxidant and anti-inducing. Prootes blood circulation by reducing the deposits on blood vessels’ walls. Maintain function of platelets and reduce its density. Provides good blood circulation and prevents brain and heart diseases.


Each capsule contains: Semen vitas, Niveferal extract 350 mg.


2 Capsules 2 to 3 times daily or as directed by the physician.

Beauty Face Capsules

Ingredients: Radix rehmaniae, radix angelice sinenses, radix paeoniae alba, flos carthami, semem persicae, Radix bupliuri, rhizome chuanxiong, VC, VE.

Function of Beauty Face Capsules:

Adjust metabolism and improve whole body’s tiny cycle, makes your beautiful form inside to outside.

Suitable for:

People with chloasmas (dark brown patches) on the skin. People with dull and inelastic skin. People with cloured spots and pigmentation on the skin. People with weak physiques, or sallow skin.

Dosage: Three capsules morning evening with warm water. Store in a cool and dry place.

Nutrient High Calcium Powder

(Calcium 1) 10gx10 Sachets

Calcium deficiency can cause 109 diseases. Calcium 1 is a clear and unpolluted calcium which can be easily absorbed into our cell membrane, high in bio availability. Internation standard ratio 2:1 for calcium and phosphate. Rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins and microelements. 100% pure, doesn’t contains preservatives, and it is tasty. High complex calcium supplement.

Dosage: One sachet 1 to 2 times a day mixed with warm water or with other food.

Hyperglycemia High Calcium Powder

(Calcium 2) For Diabetic

10gx10 Sachets

Contains pumpkin extracts powder with the active ingredients. Suitable for diabetics. Contains wheat grass substance that enhances our body’s immune system. Low calories, low fat, no sucrose and 100% natural.

Dosage: One sachet 1 to 2 times a day mixed with warm water or with other food.

Children Nutrient High Calcium Powder

(Calcium 3) For Children             10gx10 Sachets

Fulfills the requirements of growing children. Has additional egg yolk powder. Contains high quality protein and 10 –15%  lecithin. Enhances children’s brain cells, vision development and increases their memory, prevents tooth decay. Calcium 9 essential amino acids, taurine, protein, vitamins, microelements, free of sucrose.

Dosage: One sachet 1 to 2 times a day mixed with warm water or with other food.

Cardio System (Benefi Capsule)

120 Capsules Bottle

Ingredients: Saponin Ginostemma Pentafilumm.

Medicinal Function: Since long widely used as a herb of longevity for life. Proven to inhibit the coagulation of platelets in blood. Protects blood vessels from hadening, promotes better blood circulation and protects from heart disease. Provides spiritual peace. Can be continued for longer duration. Protects organs from oxidation and radical attacks and maintains normal conditions of cell. Minimize the amount of lipid found within the blood by regulation the production of exidized fatty acid and blood vessels blockage in the brain and coronary arteries. Enhanced blood supply to the coronary arteries and overcomes oxygen deficiency in heart. Most suitable product high blood pressure, cardio-vascular disease and patients suffering from other cardiac problems.

Content: Each capsusle contains folium camella sinenis extract 300mg.

Dosage: After meals 2 capsules 3 times daily or as directed by the physician.

Clear Vision

 60 Capsules Bottle

Ingredients: Chinese Angelica, Chuanxiong, Prepared Rhemannia, Baiyao, Zhuyu, Chinese Yam, Poria, Zexie, Danpi.

This formula is known to nourish blood, replenish vital essence and improve acuity of vision; it has been used for centuries in China for reducing vision blur and fatigue. It provides relief to the frequent users of computer and need recovery from vision fatigue.

Dosage: One capsule twice daily with warm water.

Cordy Cafe

Cordy Café contains caffeine as low as 0.002mg, in one sachet OR

50 cups of cordy café contains caffeine = 1 cup of ordinary coffee has

Cordy Café not only have a good taste but also give useful effects to our health. It helps to stimulate central nervous system and collapsing muscles, refreshes the spirit and mind, increases work efficacy and productivity. Stimulates the sympathetic nerves and inhibits the parasympathetic nerves to prevent asthma. It is sugar free so safe for diabetics. Having no fatty substances and prevents gastric disorders. Breaks cholesterol and other fatty acids. In West, used after high fried chicken meal. If cordy café is mixed with meat, it becomes more delicious in taste. According to latest studies, daily use of cordy café minimizes the chances of gall stones.

Essential System

100 Capsules Bottle

Ingredients: Chinese yam root, Chinese dodder seed, sehisandra fruit plus a blend of other herbs that assist in replenishing balance of essence of body’s life.

Kidneys play a major role in providing essence of life. They play important part in body growth, development and reproduction. They provide strong stamina and related closely to sexuality. Tianshi Essential System provides maximum herbal support for the healthy functioning of kidneys whereby also enhancing the balance of Yin in the body.

Dosage: 1-2 capsules 2-3 times daily.

Hi Fiber Beverage

Hi Fiber Beverages (GIT Purifier)

12g x 15 Sachets

Ingredients: Fructose psyllium husk, soluble fiber, orange flavor, citric acid anhydrous, L –sporogens, mineral compounds, vitamin compounds, sunset yellow.

Extracted from plants concentrated with soluble plants fiber extracts. Promotes digestion and increases bowel movements, protects from constipation and hemorrhoids, promotes health of children and elder both by protecting from diseases. Improves blood circulation, prevents cardio-vascular disease, reduces fats, protects intestines from harmful substances. Promotes smoother complexion and acts as an energy provider. Eliminates unwanted substances which are toxid to the body , which usually stuck on the walls of large intestine and largely reduces harmful viruses inside them. Prevents bad mouth odor.

Dosage: Mix one sachet into a glass of cold water. Stir well and serve immediately.

Children IQ Meal

Nutritious for central nervous system and enhances alertness

20g x 15 Sachets

Ingredients: Soyabean powder, fructose, glucose, coarse rice, skimmed milk, soyabean protein lecithin, oat powder, vitamins, planting herbs, sea weed powder, taurine lactobacillus and others.

Medicinal Function: Specially formulated for growing kids. It is specially beneficial for those children who are very particular in their food and have a hectic live style with haphazard diet. Suitable for those who have lack of balanced diet problems; such as: lack of concentration, metal slowness, nervousness and forgetfulness. Contains many natural anti-oxidants, fibres, vitamins, proteins, mineral and other concentration, mental slowness, nervousness, and forgetfulness. Contains many natural anti-oxidants, fibres, vitamins, proteins, minerals and other concentrates that help to nourish different nutrients in the body. Enhances memory, improves immunity and promotes the growth. It contains a brain tonic that was prepared in Germany, been clinically proven to be very beneficial for the IQ among children.

Dosage: 1 sachet everyday with warm water.


 3g x 21 Sachets

Ingredients: American Ginseng, Tremella Fuciformis, Pearl powder, Adenofora Axilliflora, Lonicera Japonicea, Japonica, Thumb, Genitiana Scabra, Hetrophyllus sweet.

Delicious herbal drink. Prevents from diseases by acting as a cleaner, regulating and nourishing the interna body system. Best for maintaining youthful looks, radiant complexion and rejuvenation. Skin, aging, pimples, acne which all result due to imbalance of harmones, poor diet or improver rest.

Tiens Mayfairer: Tiens health drin contains natural ingredients best for youthful and more radiant complexion. Helps to reduce hotnss in body, eases face excretion and helps to prevent various skin diseases. Its long term use enable to regain youthfulness, retain younger looking skin and have a more radiant complexion. Now a days skin problems are very common. Mayfairer is very usefull in excreting toxic substances and maintaining endocrine system of our body . it is the best product for mainting our youthful life and providing an excellent glamour to our skin.

Dosage: Twice daily 1 sachet at a time to be mixed with cold water.

Men’s Formula

 60 Capsules Bottle

In spite of those medicines which provide temporary effects Men’s Formula gives powerful long term internal strength and energy. Since long Men’s Formula ingredients have been used for improving weak libido. Prolonged use also assures overall improvement in men’s health and stamina. Highly effective and safe for longer therapy. Widely used for improving men’s performance.

Dosage: 1 to 2 Capsule, one hour after dinner. Store in a cool & dry place.

Metabolic Balance Capsules

 30 Capsules x 0.45gm

Ingredients: Root of red rooted salvia, polygoni multiflori, kawkthorn.

Angiocardiopathy No. 1 killer in big cities. There more than 17 million people died from angiocardiopathy in China, during every 10 seconds, there is one person died from angiocardiopathy.

Function: To adjust the content of lipid. To improve cardio-vascular diseases. To reduce blood thickening, to restrain platelets adhesion. To improve etabolism to maintain normal blood pressure. Anti oxidation, to delay co-senescence.

Suitable for: “Three High” people (lipid/sugar/cholesterol)

High blood pressure, lack of myocardial blood supply and coronary heart disease sufferers. Those who have eaten hhigh fat and high protein meal for a long time. The middle-aged people and the aged people who are over 40.

Dosage: 2 Capsules twice a day with warm water.

Mind Calm

Ingredients: Ginseng, Rehmannias, Tiadong, Ophiopogen, Wild Jujuba Seed, Arboviae seed, Poria, Fleece Flower.

Widely used in China for reducing the level of fatigue and anxiety. Also used for insomnia. Helpful for mind health. It develops a balance between blood, body energies nerves, and brain.

Dosage: One capsule twice daily with warm water.

Nutritional Meal

(For Nourishment of Body and Mind)

30g x 15 Sachets

 Ingredients: Cordyceps sinensis coerce rice plantule (plumule), malt essences, corn, soybean, green beans, red beans, black beans, sesame, lotus seed, psyllium hust etc.

Nutritional Meal: Made from pure phyto-cereals and superior cordyceps sinensis ingredients. Provides full nourishment to our body. It contains more than 10 types of beans and other natural foods. It has good taste and low calories. It enhances metabolism in the body, gives nourishment to the brain and lengthens our life. It strengthens function of all the vital organs of the body and is a very necessary product to have a complete good health. It enhances the immune system, provides better blood circulation and stabilizes our digestive system and brightens our brain and skin complexion. It contains Chong Cao which provides strength to liver, kidneys, maintains our health and finally our life. One sachet of nutritional meal daily supports our health and stabilizes. It is most ideal nutritional drink for children, teenagers, vegetarian and adults.

Dosage: Take 1 sachet daily with warm water or mixed with other beverages.

TIENS Pro Peptide Polypeptide Albumen Powder

(For Youth, Women, and Men)

300g Tin

 It is a nutrition supplement and new-type nutritious food of protein which is designed and produced especially for youths’ nutritional requirements, with the application of advanced bio-technology.

Dosage: 2 teaspoons twice daily with warm milk or water.

TIENS Protein Powder

350g Tin

 It is finely processed from soybean separation protein, whey protein and soybean lecithin. Protein, as an important nutriment, is basic element of human body. Enriched with abundant nutriments. This product supplements amino acids and proteins of daily needs.

Dosage: 2 teaspoons twice daily with warm milk or water.

Salmon Milt

Blend with Wolfberry Extract

 400mg x 80 Capsules

Ingredients: Palm Fruit, Polypeptide, Salmon-milt polypeptide, Albusmin Polypeptide, Chinese wolfberry extract and minerals.

Salmon Milt are in use in different countries of the world for many years. These may help people with weak body and catch flu easily, weak Libido, over exhausted due to busy work schedule, pressure lifestyle and insufficient sleep. Salmon milt are made from natural herbs and ingredients, using latest biotechnological methods.

Dosage: Two capsules in the morning, two capsules in the evening after meals with warm water or 4 capsules when necessary.


(Also known as Blue Algae, derived from sea weeds)

300mg x 100 Capsules

 Dosage: 2 teaspoons twice daily with warm milk or water.

Women’s Formula

 60 Capsules Bottle

All ingredients of women’s formula work in harmony and provide strength to our mind. Astragahus and achrenthes help to strength women’s vitality. Cinnamon increases libido and strength a to women. Improves energy balance in blood; thus improves the life source. Women feel better at the time of day and night as well. It is highly safe having no side effects.

Beneficial for: All types of female problems; such as menstruation disorders, painful, shorter or prolonged periods, excess of menstruation, infertility.

Dosage: 1 to 2 Capsule, one hour after dinner. Store in a cool & dry place.


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