Is Unlimited Hosting Really Unlimited?

Is Unlimited Hosting Really Unlimited?

Trying to attract new customers, many web hosting providers use the word “unlimited” in their offer; “Sign up, and you will get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth hosting”. But, is it really true? How can it be that for bottom monthly rates you get unlimited server resources?

You are right into asking yourself these questions. Nothing is really unlimited in this world. However, does this mean the hosting companies are just a bunch of liars? Are they so bad that they would promise you the world just to get you to register? Not really! While there is no such thing as unlimited hosting, you can get an excellent service for a very low rate. If you don’t want to feel cheated, and make sure you get what you pay for, you should check their offers beforehand and try to understand what “unlimited” really means.

So, What Does Unlimited Hosting* Really Mean?
If you take a look at the hosting providers’ TOS page, you will soon understand that each one of them has its own definition for the term “unlimited”. In most cases, this definition is not even clearly explained. The TOS usually stipulate that you are bound to make fair usage of the server’s resources. The restrictions can come as limitations on the CPU queries, inodes, RAM usage, number or size of MySQL databases, or even FTP access. Each hosting provider has its own set of rules, and it’s important to know them before you sign up.

How Is Unlimited Hosting* Possible?
Hosting* companies make these services available to you by purchasing large numbers of computer servers, setting into place performant bandwidth pipes, and hiring sufficient personnel to cover their customer support center. Aware that most websites out there use only very little resources for their daily operation, hosting providers oversell their hosting capacities so that they don’t remain unused.

You may think that practices such as overselling are unethical, but this is actually how web hosting* providers manage to offer you “unlimited hosting” resources at highly affordable prices, and yet to keep their services reliable and efficient. So, you might want to think twice before pointing any fingers.

Should I Subscribe to an Unlimited Hosting* Plan?
There is nothing wrong with subscribing to an unlimited hosting plan as long as it offers the features you need in order to run your website smoothly and efficiently. If we were to tell the truth here, the quality of a web hosting service depends on much more factors than just bandwidth and disk storage capacity.

While the hosting* companies use the word “unlimited” to make their offer sound more appealing, it’s possible that your website does not actually need a lot of resources. So, instead of getting hooked up on this, it is better you make a list of features you really need your hosting provider to offer. Is their uptime record over 99.5%? What about the quality of their customer support center? Does the plan include any extras? Do they allow you to upload your files via FTP? And after that make a decision about the best hosting* sites for you.

It’s always smart to thoroughly read what stands behind the word “unlimited” before you purchase anything in life, not just a hosting package. But as we currently deal with web-hosting, make sure you check what companies offer, read the reviews and consult with the experts and understand before making your decision. Remember, when something’s unlimited it doesn’t automatically imply it’s a hoax.