Islam Is World’s Largest Religion by 2070 – Pew Research

Islam Is World’s Largest Religion by 2070 – Pew Research

Islam Is World’s Largest Religion by 2070 – Pew Research

A research claim that Islam will become the world’s largest religion by 2070. The Pew research stated that with the recent data and statistics, Islam could take a huge chunk of the religion around the globe.

Pew research claims that Islam* will be the world’s largest religion by 2070

The religion is growing faster than the world’s population. There is an expectation that it will grow by more than 73 percent from 2010 to 2050. The research compared it to the 35 percent growth of the Christians.

The research stated that the growth will be powered by the nations like Indonesia, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. In 2010, there are around 1.6 billion Muslims and around 2.7 billion Christians in the world.

The estimations are the compilation of the figures coming from the Pew research center. There is a possibility that if both faiths continue to grow at the same rate, there will be around 2.76 billion Muslims and 2.92 billion Christians by 2050. The research concluded that Islam* will have a larger following than Christianity by the year 2070.

The research center predicted that India will overtake Indonesia as the world’s largest Islamic nation in 2050. The group also sees a growing Muslim population in Europe which they see as a reason for a significant increase.

Islam attracts younger people

The research sees that the Muslims will make up for the 10 percent of the population in Europe. Islam is currently the world’s second largest religion but it has become the fastest-growing religion. The population growth could also be driven by fertility rates. Islam has a rate of 3.1 offspring per woman while Christians produce 2.7 children.

Currently, Islam attracts a following with the younger people. Those supporters have more childbearing years ahead of them. The 34 percent of Islam believers are made up of young people under the age of 15. The report claimed that a decline in the Christian following might happen as people become non-religious.

The organization predicted that around 40 million people will switch to Christianity. However, there is a possibility that around 106 million might turn back from their faith. The U.K. is the most tolerant of Islam in Europe. There is around 28 percent of British people who have unfavorable views of the Muslims. Meanwhile, 69 percent of the Italians and 72 percent of Hungarians have negative views on Islam.

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