Jeffree Star Calls Cosmetics theft a ”Targeted” Attack on Him and Shane town

Jeffree Star Calls Cosmetics theft a ''Targeted'' Attack on Him and Shane town

In Shane town and Jeffree Star’s latest YouTube video there was drama, drama and additional drama.

For one, the series begins with Shane in crisis mode as he problems Associate in Nursing apology for a past joke during which he aforementioned that he committed sexual acts along with his act. “The whole web thinks I f–ked my cat,” he laments to his friends.

But Shane’s scandal is completely forgotten concerning once Jeffree sends a voice note to Shane to inform him that $1 million value of makeup has been taken from his facility. He says, “When it rains it pours, right? I awoke nowadays and $1 million of product was taken from my warehouse last night. we have a tendency to believe that it had been an interior job and i am fully panic mode.”

The plot thickens, however, once Jeffree says he believes that he and Shane ar being “targeted” by potential enemies. “Some folks simply don’t need to visualize America win.”
Later on, Shane meets with Jeffree at the offices, wherever Jeffree details a theft that looks like it’s straight out of Ocean’s Eleven. in keeping with Jeffree and one in every of his team members, the robbers cut a “person-sized hole” within the roof with a saw wherever they may access the protection space. From there they disarmed the device and scarf the camera footage, before then taking what terminated up being $2.5 million in merchandise.
At the time, Jeffree believed solely $1 million was taken, however in a very later video he discovered that additionally to eye shadow palettes noble metal Ice professional Palette, aurora Supreme Frost professional Palette and varied reminder the material Lip Liner, they additionally took 2 reminder concealers from a group that had not however been free.

“It created Maine panic-struck. We’re having twenty four armed guards; i am having folks sleep within the building with rifles,” Jeffree tells Shane. “We’re done enjoying.” Moreover, Jeffree says the attack felt personal since they took 5 packs of Red Bull from their offices however left different doubtless costlier things untouched since there wasn’t enough area in their getaway truck.
Despite Jeffree Star Cosmetics reportedly operating with the law enforcement agency there does not appear to be any leads on WHO committed the crime.

But the temporal order of the theft and Shane’s scandal has the 2 celebs questioning if there’s a much bigger conspiracy occurring. “For all people this s–t to happen inside constant timeframe it virtually sounds like someone’s bent get each people. and that i recognize that is most likely impossible; if they are obtaining America each at constant time then we have a tendency to truly ought to be f–king distressed. however it is so shuddery as a result of it is the unknown,” Jeffree says.

He adds later within the video, “I hope it is a coincidence.”
And if it’s a complete coincidence then they need to grasp WHO started this “smear campaign” against Shane. Of course, Shane has 5 folks in mind and Jeffree has even as several suspects, however it’s all an enormous mystery.

But in between these dark stories there is a ton of brightness. The nearly hour-long video offers a peek at the highly-anticipated Conspiracy palette and shows however Shane planned to his man.

And the sweetest a part of all is that they dedicate the episode to Jeffree’s late dogs, Diamond and pop. could they rest in peace.

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