Joyous and Uncanny What Will Kevin Parker do next? Tame Impala close Laneway Festival Fremantle

Joyous and Uncanny: What Will Kevin Parker do next? Tame Impala close Laneway Festival Fremantle

Joyous and Uncanny What Will Kevin Parker do next? Tame Impala close Laneway Festival FremantleJoyous and Uncanny: What Will Kevin Parker do next? Tame Impala close Laneway Festival Fremantle

Laneway Festival Fremantle. Feb 5, 2017. 4 stars.

joyous : Hit ‘em real hard send ‘em down below. Oh Freo give ‘em the old heave ho. A wise mantra to begin a festival with…

Arriving in West Perth to dump my stuff, I caught a cab and drove past a house with Beethoven’s face etched into the side of it, five by five metres high, glistening in the sun. Beethoven! RTR FM was playing the paranoid, dagger strings from Under The Skin. Ludwig woulda dug it. My cabdriver looked unsettled. He switched it off, wriggling in his seat like a ghost had walked over his grave. Then he put it back on again. “I don’t think is music. But you like?” Yes. Lean into the 5.41 mark, it’s acrylic-nails-down-your-back-board.

Lipstick to Void – Mica Levi

We arrived and as I stepped out of the taxi, “What are you looking at c**t?” asked a muscly bro pissing an iridescent stream out of the side of a car. I hadn’t a chance to look at anything. Maybe the cabdriver had put him up to it. My answer could have been “A thick asparagus on a thick dude?” instead I gave a thumbs up and a smile and walked hard — kill ‘em with kindness. Seconds later, “Ooh, I love your dashiki,” offered a stunningly side-boobed, eccentrically zebra-dressed Chinese girl walking by. 1 win 1 loss. In we go.

Eight hours later, it was 10+ wins, the loss largely forgotten.

9.45pm: “I find it joyous and uncanny we’re playing our last show in Freo. I live down the road. I could walk home,” quipped Tame Impala’s high priest Kevin Parker. Praise be to him.

It was the final leg of the Laneway Festival, the final toe of their two year album tour/marathon/barefoot-race and the headliners absolutely brought it home literally, physically and spiritually.

Before going on an indefinite hiatus (apart from a midyear gig at Panorama Festival in New York) the Perth musical chameleons worked a tight, touching set consisting Let It Happen, Apocalypse Dreams, The Moment, Mind Mischief, Eventually, Elephant and Nangs. Confetti canons blasted purple and pink paper at emotional peaks, people went berserk, Parker seemed to levitate above the stage. Actually he always seems to floating an inch above the ground. I took some footage you can watch below:

Kevin Parker at Laneway Festival 2017

A girl next to me on her boyfriend’s shoulders whipped her bra off and swung her limbs about, a Heath-Ledger-as-The-Joker smile plastered across her face. NB: you could see she wasn’t trying to be “sexy”, she was channelling the music, being free, singing “feel like a brand new person.”

“I truly believe this is Australia’s best festival,” Parker added then dropped to his knees and worshipped the throng as if it were Mecca. “We…we love you,” he said several times, hitting his heart. Totes emosh. He added Michael Jackson’s “chi-kaaahs” to end of bridges and choruses, laughing towards his sound engineer side-stage.
Parker recently said of his music “I just think if it’s good enough to attach memories to — maybe a first breakup, or a seventh breakup — that’s the biggest privilege.”

Lomgue La Nuit – Barbagallo (Kevin Parker remix)

Barbagallo quipped “I knew ‘ee would take the song to a luv-el that gets the body grooveeeng, because I can say one of Kev’s luv in life is to make (the) people dance. For a while there as ‘ee was working on it, we had some fun with some new lyrics, pure Austral-yarn class, ‘owever “sexy ladies tonight, Byr-un Bay to Boond-eyyye” didn’t make the final cut. Give it a go though, it does sound good. Our duet dance choreography ees to follow.”

We wait with bated breath to see what will follow, i.e. “What Kevin Did Next.”


Will it be nangs and vegeing on the beach? Writing pop hits with his shadowy new hero Max Martin? Advertising jingles for his girlfriend’s agency? Will it be an album project with Daniel Lanois, Luke Steele, Jim James and Conor Oberst? It’s a longshot but you read it here first if it comes off. I’ve been trawling his Instagram and hanging outside his window.

A perturbed Kevin Parker got away by climbing on his roof.

A perturbed Kevin Parker got away by climbing on his roof.Source:Supplied

Earlier, Tash Sultana sang Sarah McLachlan notes atop Rahzel beatboxing. She had more pedals than Reid Cycles and there were constantly 10-plus people on shoulders, including a few triple stacks. NB: Tame Impala set the shoulder-ride record with 24 spotted during New Person, Same Old Mistakes.

St Jeromes Laneway Festival at Hart's Mill in Port Adelaide. Just pretend it’s Fremantle. Picture: Tom Huntley

St Jeromes Laneway Festival at Hart’s Mill in Port Adelaide. Just pretend it’s Fremantle. Picture: Tom HuntleySource:News Corp Australia

D.D Dumbo absolutely crushed his debut Fremantle show, bashfully offering “I hope you’re having a ripsnorter of a time” between singing and shouting Satan, Walrus, King Franco Picasso and Alihukwe. He even played recorder, it was shrill yet mellifluous, and dragged his hand across two sets of wind chimes. Laurence Pike was an able-bodied octopus on the drums and the woman playing the brass had the longest saxomophone (sic) I’ve ever seen. People really got into it, the kids knew the words. D.D. Dumbo’s real name is Oliver Perry and he wore a well-worn T-shirt featuring a black dolphin leaping into the air. It’s metaphorical, Perry is keeping another black animal at bay and jumping at the chance to play out his debut album, Utopia Defeated. The record won the J Award and is in a hot contest with nine albums in the $30,000 Australian Music Prize Shortlist, winner announced March 9.

St Jeromes Laneway Festival 2017: Tash Sultana playing her heart out. Picture: Tom Huntley

St Jeromes Laneway Festival 2017: Tash Sultana playing her heart out. Picture: Tom HuntleySource:News Corp Australia

A.B Original were in a playful mood. “We’ve gotta play a few s— songs before we get to the banger,” Trials said, pacing about the stage prior to January 26. Briggs was no slouch with the banter, he reminded Trials of his recent TV appearances (Black Comedy, The Weekly), “Get on the TV, c—t, that’s where I am.” A.B Original introduced a track together “We don’t do ice, we do a lot of things, but not ice. Let me see your meth-less hands in the sky.” They invited Drapht on stage who outpaced Trials, even if his flow was sluggish. “He went in!” A.B Original said together. They got ya back, Drapht. DJ Total Eclipse dropped Fatman Scoop’s Be Faithful. Then Trials beamed “You voted this in at number 45 in the Hottest 100 you maniacs,” and introduced Dumb Things.

Sidenote: Gang of Youths, Camp Cope, Floating Points and Nick Murphy slayed their sets.

Frontman quote of the day: “If you really care about independent music, please buy the albums by Whitney and Camp Cope,” David L’eppapa, while mincing magnificently.

Frontwoman quote of the day: “My name is Tash Sultana, how you f–king going?”

Unfunny, sort of funny overheard quote of the day: “D.D Dumbo? More like D.D Smarto,” lairy dude drinking two cans at a time with scratched in dimples (both face and cans)

Random quotes of the day: “I love love,” early 20s brunette in raptures after A.B Original.

“There seems to be a lot of vegan themes in his songs,” smart-arse dude re: D.D Dumbo.

Dadaist lyric of the day: “Pineapples are in my head,” Dave Bayley of Glass Animals, pogoing like a Leeds raver, doing conductor-hands-and-dislocated-shoulders,

Go-to quote of the day: “Check the schedge, ledge.”

T-shirt of the day: F**k Coriander.

Outfit of the day: A guy who had customised a green beach towel into a slim poncho.

Trend of the day: side-boob.

Let us note: Laneway Festival got through its 2017 tour incident-free. Big, no, HUUUGE-as-Briggs result.

The Fremantle leg is super-pleasant, verdant as f—, not as hectic as Foot-Is-Grey and you can choose between the Ferris Stage, The Ferris Bueller Stage and going up an actual ferris wheel. We got our bearings during Gold by Nick Murphy. And, looking down on the red and yellow lights swirling over the arms akimbo crowd and out to left on the sparkling Indian Ocean and beyond, it felt both joyous and uncanny.

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