Meera Vasudevan slams chat show for misrepresentation

Meera Vasudevan slams chat show for misrepresentation

Meera Vasudevan slams chat show for misrepresentation

Meera Vasudevan who recently shot for an interview with a popular Malayalam channel has slammed the show for misrepresenting the interview in the promos.

Actor and model Meera Vasudevan has slammed the popular chat show JB Junction broadcast by Kairali and hosted by John Brittas for misrepresentation of her interview with them. Slamming the chat show team, the actor has said that an intimate scene from her movies was added to make the interview sensational. Notably John Brittas is the media advisor to Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

In a Facebook post, Meera claimed that an intimate scene of hers from the film 2005 Malayalam hit Thanmathra was used in the promotions when it was not used in the shoot. Mohanlal had gone nude for the scene in question. “A lot of my actual words have been misrepresented and clippings that I have not actually seen on the show like the intimate clipping from my most esteemed life-best film Thanmatra have been added separately to make it look sensational. A lot has been misappropriated and misrepresented in the messages and troll clippings put up on social media via the show JB Junction,” the actor wrote.

She further accused the show of sending a wrong message to viewers who will watch the show. “When you promote something dirty about a woman, you must remember that you’re not just insinuating her but also insulting all the women especially your own mother, sisters and wife in the process,” said Meera.Meera Vasudevan slams chat show for misrepresentation

John Brittas is known for his controversial and probing questions and has sparked a controversy several times earlier. However Amrutha, producer of post production, said to The News Minute that the intention was to promote the actor and her movie. “We avoided lot of questions respecting her sentiments. The show went very well . And we can’t misrepresent anything what she spoke. It’s all straight cut. Whatever would have happened must be over dose by online media …which they do always . The only grievance is that we added a clipping from the movie. This is normal in post productuon. If movies are seen by millions ..a show is seen by lakhs,” she said.

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