Fans of the legendary racer Michael Schumacher were dismayed with Mercedes’ decision to remove the “KeepFightingMichael” hashtags on their F1 cars. The automobile giant made the controversial move amid the German racer’s undisclosed condition.

According to reports, the “KeepFightingMichael” hashtag is no longer part of the 2017 silver Formula 1 cars of the Mercedes F1 team. Apparently, the car manufacturer ditched the slogan purposely to free the way for “future usage of the message,” Auto Week cited. In an interview with the German newspaper Bild, Mercedes clarified and defended their decision of removing the supportive message for Michael Schumacher, claiming that the move doesn’t necessarily mean that they turned their backs on the former champion.

To recall, the “KeepFightingMichael” hashtag started last year to bring hope and support to Michael Schumacher especially in these trying times. Originally, the phrase “Keep Fighting” was derived from the 48-year-old racer’s quote for Kimi Raikkonen after his remarkable world championship in 2007.

“I’ve always believed that you should never, ever give up and you should always keep fighting even when there’s only a slightest chance.”

Fans of Michael Schumacher voiced out their dismay on social media, criticizing Mercedes for removing the sentimental message dedicated to the person who helped boost the team’s reputation in the F1 racing world.

This is not the first time fans showed their utmost support for the former champ. It can be recalled that last year, avid fans of Michael Schumacher were treated with a surprise after the unexpected launch of his official Instagram account, michaelschumacher. The account was launched just in time for his first World Championship’s 22nd year anniversary. Michael Schumacher’s publicity team also launched a new Facebook account dedicated to the world champion. Many were delighted with these new platforms that can keep them connected to Schumacher.

In addition, a website called “Keep Fighting” was also launched to commemorate Michael Schumacher’s outstanding career and inspire other people. The website is a “non-profit initiative that is celebrating the attitudes to “Keep Fighting” and “Never Give Up” which are directly inspired by Michael Schumacher. The website features a “Keep Fighting” mosaic composed of over a thousand images of Michael Schumacher’s career. Fans are allowed to choose and submit three of their favorite images and share a message of hope and encouragement not just for the legendary racer, but to others as well.

Meanwhile, Michael Schumacher’s condition remains to be unknown as the family continues to ask for privacy. However, his former boss, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, gave an update on the F1 champion’s status. The former president of Ferrari and a close friend to the Schumacher family revealed that the legendary racer “will soon be among us.” He also shared about their close relationship, admitting that they were “very connected” throughout Michael Schumacher’s stay with the Ferrari team.

“As I know his strength, I dream that he will soon be among us again.”

Luca di Montezemolo was also sentimental as he shared how he always wear the watch given to him by the phenomenal racer, admitting that it reminds him of the champion every time he wears it.

So far, representatives from Michael Schumacher’s side have not commented on the said reports. No official updates have been released by the family and the F1 racer’s team as well. Fans will have to wait and see how the future unfolds for their beloved champion.

[Featured Image by Victor Caivano/AP Images]

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