How might it all link back to Alien?

How might it all link back to Alien?

How might it all link back to Alien?

I’m interested in your theories of how the events of Prometheus, Alien Covenant, and further films might link back to the original – if we assume that the timeline is straight forward. There are obviously some big holes to fill to make it work – E.G – The fossilised remains of the Jockey, suggesting it has been there for a long, long time. How would you make it work? Does David create the Xeno? Or is he just meddling with ancient biological alchemy that put the derelict there thousands of years ago. Thoughts please.

This is the big one…

And contradicting one….  prior to Prometheus Ridley had said the Event was Ancient, after Prometheus we are given hints mainly by Lindeloff that the Hammerpedes and Deacon are Progenitors to the Xenomorph.

But as Covenant is now going to cover the Origins, unless the movie features those creatures or its sequel does not, then they Can-not be direct progenitors.

But the Process that lead to them can do, which started with the Black Goo…. so we could be shown the Black Goo in use in Alien Covenant at a timeline of post 2093 could lead to the Xenomorph… or a timeline on Paradise way from the past could do so.

But either way all connections would no doubt lead back to LV-223.

So this is a tricky topic, one that i can tomorrow give a in depth look and explanation..

My Nutshell running theory?  Which now with Alien Covenant could change somewhat….  the theory i had that holds water post Prometheus is this.

The Outbreak on LV-223 caused panic and Engineers to turn to the Sanctuary or the Big Head Room, and some the Cryo Sleep Pods.

What ever happened exactly i cant 100% put a finger on as there is a lot of clues that contradict a solid theory…   What i can theorize about is some part of the Outbreak or at least a Event related.

Had led to something Evolved, and got to the 3 other Cryo-sleep Engineers, they was chest busted.. We dont know when they was Chest Busted… it could be prior to the Outbreak or After…. but one must connect to the other.

And which ever one it is, we cant be sure what time frame.. was it hours Before/After or Days? or weeks? or years?

But i think the Chest Busted Engineers in those Cryo-Pods had either been infected with something that as a consequence lead to the Outbreak or they was infected from something that evolved from the Outbreak.

We get the one Engineer survived, the other 3 on the same ship had got Chest Busted….

The Space Jockey i feel suffered the same Fate as those other 3 Engineers, only somewhat he did not get Chest Busted… he latter some 200 years after awoke and then maybe found out what happened, or maybe not too much… but he then sets off to what ever place he was going before shortly after he releases he is infected and sets a course to near by LV-426 to Quarantine his Ship.

He knew the infection + his Cargo could spell bad news….  And so indeed it did, he was Chest Busted and then this Organism ended in the Cargo Hold and somehow Evolved the other Cargo (Urns).

This is one of a few theories i have to connect LV-223 and LV-426 that fit with Ridleys comments in the past and after Prometheus.. where he claimed…

1) The Space Jockey/Derelict Event  occurred within a few hundred years of the LV-223 Outbreak that killed off most of those Engineers.

2) The Space Jockey was off to a undisclosed location but he did not get far before he got infected with his cargo (hint LV-223).

3) Something in the Cargo Hold Evolved and it got to the Space Jockey.

4) The Derelict did not Crash, it was a planned procedure, so a attempted landing.

5) It was a noble Act, at least as far as for his species at least.

Point 3 was made way after the other points…. and was his latest in regards to the Derelict Event.

So my theory i propsed would try and tie into those comments, but i have a few moderations and versions of it as i dont seem to have one theory as i explore other possible outcomes.

But in line with Ridleys comments the one i proposed is a more likely one…

The One maybe alternative is the Cargo…

If the Space Jockey was not infected as per Chest Busted Engineers on the Juggernaught in Prometheus….. then potentially after the Outbreak something would have then infected the Space Jockey Cargo and Evolved it…. this then got to the Space Jockey.

These theories are based on the Eggs not being the Cargo but Black Goo Originally.

But with Alien Covenant all this could change.
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