Muslim Man Breaks Religious Barriers, Performs Hindu Friend’s Last Rites

Muslim Man Breaks Religious Barriers, Performs Hindu Friend's Last Rites

Muslim Man Breaks Religious Barriers, Performs Hindu Friend’s Last Rites

Religion has at times come in the way of love, happiness and friendship. But this time it wasn’t to win.

Rising above his religious beliefs and the faith he practiced, Razzak Khan Tikari, a resident of Chhattisgarh, did what only a few of us have the heart to do. Breaking all religious barriers Razzak, despite being a follower of Islam, performed Hindu rites for his deceased friend, Santosh Singh.


Singh who belonged to Harda area and was living with his family in Baitul, was suffering from critical health condition to which he succumbed on 20 September. He is survived by his wife Chhaya and their eight-year-old daughter.

Unable to arrange money to perform proper religious rites for her deceased husband, Santosh’s wife was helpless. At this time, Santosh’s friend for years Razzak came forward and took the responsibility of carrying out all the religious rites and to cremate the body of his deceased friend. Razzak, despite being a Muslim, never let religion come in the way of his friendship. He performed all the rites as per Hindu tradition and cremated Santosh’s body.

“Religion should not become a barrier in friendship,” Razzak was quoted telling Catch News.

This certainly leaves us with one thought – is it really so difficult to keep religion aside and believe in the power of love and friendship. Well, with Razzak’s live example it doesn’t seem like it.

A Muslim man Razzak Khan Tikari performed the last rites of his Hindu friend Santosh Singh in Madhya Pradesh’s Baitul district, breaking barriers of religion that divide humanity.

Representational image. Reuters

Representational image. Reuters

Santosh was critically ill and passed away on 20 September leaving his wife Chhaya and eight-year-old daughter behind and with little means to cremate him. Santosh’s friend Razzak assumed responsibility and cremated his friend according to Hindu rituals, a report in Zee News says.

According to a report in Catch News, Razzak, a resident of Chattisgarh, told Patrika he had been friends with Santosh for the last eight years and considered his family as his own.

“Religion should not become a barrier in friendship,” the report quoted him as saying.

Razzak’s humanitarian gesture for his deceased friend debunks stereotypes created by religious divide between communities and also serves as an epitome for communal harmony.

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