Nintendo : One Thing You Won’t See From Nintendo With New Switch Titles

One Thing You Won't See From Nintendo With New Switch Titles

Nintendo : While Nintendo made quite a few announcements at E3 2017 concerning new Switch games, they’ve also clarified something that fans of their first-party titles should not expect to see on the new console/portable hybrid: Straight ports.

The folks over at IGN recently had a chat with Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime concerning Wii U ports to the Switch. While Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has been doing very well on its new platform and the deluxe version of Pokken Tournament has stirred up quite a bit of positive buzz, the Regginator explained that fans shouldn’t expect additional direct ports.

What we are internally resisting is just a pure port, versus thinking about how not only do we showcase a game to a wider audience, but how do we make sure that there’s something more? So it’s an active discussion.

That, of course, got a few people feeling antsy about the most-requested Wii U port for Switch, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Again, with Mario Kart and Pokken setting the stage, a lot of folks went into E3 2017 banking on a Smash announcement for Switch. Its absence, and Fils-Aime’s comment, now has folks feeling a bit worried. Still, we wouldn’t be too panicked if we were you.

For starters, you could argue that neither Mario Kart or Pokken are a “direct port.” The former threw in all of the DLC that launched for the game, while the latter will actually be adding in a few new playable characters. In other words, Smash Bros. with all of its DLC, or maybe even a few extra characters, seems to fit Nintendo’s plans to not directly port any games from Switch.

We figure it would be insane for Nintendo to leave money on the table, especially when it’s Smash money we’re talking about. Then again, nobody Nintendos like Nintendo, so who knows what they might do next. We just don’t expect them to wait three years to develop a new Smash game when it seems perfectly clear fans just want the Wii U version since, let’s face it, a large number of Switch owners probably never owned the previous console.

But even without Smash, Nintendo had a pretty solid E3 showing for the console. We got fresh looks at known quantities like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Fire Emblem Warriors, as well as new Kirby and Yoshi games coming in 2018. Also, Nintendo probably wants to keep the fall wide open for Mario Odyssey, so why steal too much of its thunder with a Smash announcement now?

Then again, we’ve still got Tokyo Game Show capping off the summer in a few months. A Smash announcement then for an early 2018 launch would probably keep Nintendo’s momentum going nice and strong; but that’s just our speculation. We’d be interested in your thoughts in the comments below.

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