How to earn online from home and get some extra income? Online earning tips

How to earn online from home and get some extra income? Online earning tips

How to earn online from home and get some extra income? Online earning tipsHow to earn online from home and get some extra income? Online earning tips

Today everything is possible if you had Internet. You can even earn money from home through Internet. Here I will give you some tips and ways of earning online from home and get some extra income.

Hello everyone, I know we grow up elder and elder every day, and as we grew elder our demands increases more and more; and all this demands can only be cleared if we had money. And as you know this is the age of Internet, you don’t need to go outside from home to earn some income. You can earn from home as a house wife, student, etc. Here I will give you some ideas about how to earn online from home and get some extra income.

what is online earning?

Online earning is the process that we earn from home or anywhere via Internet. On the other hand doing business through the internet is known as online earning. Doing business via Internet can also be said as extra income because we can earn some cash while staying at home i.e., after coming from office and working while resting at home. Believed or not some of the people were becoming millionaires working through Internet. I will mention about the types of the online earning on Internet and some of the successful people who become millionaires through Internet.

Types of online earning :

For your proper understanding, I grouped the types of online earning into two types. They are –

(a) Earning as non-computer expert and (b) Earning as computer expert.

(a) Earning as non-computer expert :-

The is the process of earning online without having any expertness about computer. You may knows only the basics of the computer but not so much expert like computer engineers or computer programmers, that is why this process of earning is termed as earning as non-computer expert.

The ways of earning online for earning as non-computer expert group are as follows –

(i) Earn as writer : Writing articles for others website. If you have a lots of article writing skill than you can do blogging and get some income. In this process you don’t need to spend even a penny. There is a lot of websites which offers us to join orSIGN UP for free and get some cash for adding articles to their sites. These types of websites are –


(ii) Earn with your videos : You can create your own videos and upload to youtube, earn with google adsense ads. If you are a player than teach your games online with videos. As much visitors you get to your videos, as much you earns.

(iii) Earn by selling online photos : If you have good quality camera, than just collect pictures of some amazing and beautiful images. There is also many website where you can sell your photos online. But the photos much be high quality and image should be like never seen before. The list of websites where you can sell your photos online are –


(iv) Earn with affiliate program : Affiliate program means middleman with simple words. You can sell some others products and get some commissions. There are many website that will pay you for selling their products. These type of websites are-


(v) Earn with your own website : This days we don’t need to be computer programmer for creating website. There is lots of free website builder that allows us to create website with just mouse click. One of the website builder is known as wordpress, which is free of coast. You only just need to buy domain name and hosting plan, from web hosting website such as godaddy, bluehost , etc. Then after you had installed wordpress in your hosting server, now you need to buy some good  wordpress theme. Remember never to use free wordpress theme, it is creating problems in google page ranking. Buy your wordpress theme form websites like themeforest.

(vi) Earn writing ebooks : You can sell your ebooks or pdf online. If you love writing than write an ebook or pdf and sell online. There is many websites where you can sell your ebooks or pdf files, they are

(b) Earning as computer expert :-

If you are expert in computer, I mean if you know computer programming languages, create your own apps etc., than there is available jobs for you online.

(i) Create your own website : As your know computer programming languages, you can create your own website, just buy domain name and hosting plan, upload your website and start writing articles. You have website means you can do anything with your website write articles and get paid through google adsense ads, affiliate program, etc.

(ii) create wordpress theme and plugin : WordPress is a free website builder software and it has millions of users, so you can build awesome wordpress theme and sell online. There are lots of people who were selling wordpress themes and earning. There were also lots of website where you can sell your wordpress theme and plugin online, they are –


(iii) Upload tutorial videos on youtube : You can create tutorial videos and upload in youtube, than you can display adsense ads on your youtube videos, as much your video is viewed as much you earn. You can create google adsense account with your youtube videos also.

(iv) Earn as Freelance : If you are really good in computer programming languages and can solve some problems related with programming than you can earn as a freelancer. I will give you the list of some Freelancing website where you can join and work.


(v) Create mobile apps or games and sell online : If you are very good in computer programming and can creates mobile apps or games, than you can sell it online and earn. The following are the list of best online mobile apps selling website –

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