Why aren’t there better global policies to protect animals?


Why aren’t there better global policies to protect animals?

Policies : Protected lands and endangered species aren’t properly safeguarded, unfortunately … We may have some policies for protecting animals, but I barely see them implemented. The world needs to actually do more to effectively protect our most biologically diverse spaces. Protected areas need to be better connected, in order to allow populations of animals and plants as well to mix and spread. Also very important is to ensure the local communities to be involved in protection efforts. Their support means a lot and is fundamental to long-term conservation.

Ecological factors such as park size, connectivity and fragmentation are fundamentally important in the long term – but sadly, often are superseded by short-term social and economic factors. These protected areas can have positive impacts on animals and their population trends, but they need to be properly managed to realize their full potential.

There is a statement that governments gather and agree on animal welfare related issues and environmental policy, in which animals are affected (directly and indirectly). Decisions made in international conventions often substantially influence the wildlife conservation and animal welfare as well – as they guide international and national policy, budgetary and legislation priorities.

Animals are only protected on paper and nothing more! Animals are protected by people who cares about animals and nature as well … and the real protectors of animals don’t make any silly posts on Social Media and promote themselves as an “animal caring people”. They do it with all their heart and love, with all the possible things they posses in order to help the helpless and homeless animals in the big cities on example.

I am so disappointed of people who cares only about money and nothing more, and they abuse not only animals, but humans as well – they create some kind of charities (not all of the charities are frauds!) for helping people and actually put even 80% of the collected money in their own pockets. Damn you!Why aren't there better global policies to protect animals?

Sadly, many animals are being used for testing and are slaughtered every day to serve the beauty and drug industries. We know that our world is so cruel, and often we can lose hope that something can be done about it. On the other hand, I don’t! I never lose hope, I always look forward to live a positive and well-filled life in which the love and respect for every single living organism on Earth is my primary job!

More than 115 million animals are used for testing in the name of science … The needless torture and death of animals should not be overlooked! Mostly, there are many alternatives to using animals for testing cosmetics and beauty products, but are we ready to finally say, “No more animal cruelty?” Cruelty-free Beauty: What It Means and Why It’s Important

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