Project Camelot Interview Exposes Grey Aliens Agenda

Project Camelot Interview Exposes Grey Aliens Agenda

Project Camelot Interview Exposes Grey Aliens Agenda

Why Are Aliens Here?

So, why are aliens on Earth? You might be surprised to read that few UFO researchers actually know. Some of themalien grey don’t even care. We’ve spent most of our time and resources focusing on the “what” and have forgotten to wonder about the “why”.

Marshall Vian Summers is one of the few public figures that talks about this. In one of Project Camelot’s most fascinating interviews, Marshall tells us exactly why aliens are here, why they chose this time to intervene, and what humanity should do about it.

Hundreds of thousands of people have already watched this video. As the truth of the alien presence on Earth starts spreading like wildfire, we assure you that one day many millions will become aware of what Marshall is saying here.

Is this about fear? Of course not! What it comes down to is that humanity should be wise, discerning and cautious in its dealings with aliens. After all, we don’t know what life in the universe is like. We have a lot of assumptions and wishful thinking — sure — but that’s not enough!

Sit back, open your heart & mind, and really consider this information. It might just save your planet.



Earth Is No Prison Planet!

Halt that metaphor! The idea that Earth is a prison planet is great as a myth but as a cosmology, not helpful. It works to communicate the chronic ache of alienation and isolation but can only exacerbate those aches if it becomes the driver of the narrative. Calling to our deepest longings for freedom and rescue, the idea of the prison planet connects on many levels our hopes, wishes and fears … and animosities.

The image goes back to Plato’s Cave. Plato rightly uses the image of being imprisoned as a metaphor to describe limited perception. It is ground breaking concept to convey the idea of limited perspective–very apt for the shift to the Greater Community perspective, no? How better to describe enlightenment to the unenlightened?

This use of the idea of existence as a prison goes further back when seen in the idea of samsara where the goal is escape from this plane. The image is rich, adaptable and persuasive.

David Icke could well be talking in the same terms as Socrates, not confusing metaphor with reality, except for the heavy influence of the idea of the prison planet as the driver for Icke’s vision and work. An indicator for confusion of levels is when the myth is the one driving force at all times, the only point to all discussions, the explanation for everything.

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