‘RHOA’s Artemis Bailey Reveals however She Feels regarding Fixing Her relationship With NeNe Leakes

‘RHOA’s Artemis Bailey Reveals however She Feels regarding Fixing Her relationship With NeNe Leakes

Cynthia Bailey unfolded regarding rumors that her co-star NeNe Leakes exploded throughout the night she got engaged, and shared her opinion on whether or not or not she feels their broken relationship may be repaired.

Cynthia Bailey, 52, admitted she still loves Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star NeNe Leakes, 51, United Nations agency she’s had a detachment with, and though she’d be receptive a stronger relationship, she’s undecided things might ever be identical between them as they were before. In associate EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife, Artemis talked regarding her feelings and what the long run might hold.

“I suppose the time and therefore the area apart has been smart for U.S.A. each to quite sit with ourselves and simply — i believe the time apart has been healthy for each people,” she same regarding her time faraway from NeNe. “However, I’m perpetually attending to love NeNe. I want her well. I’m thus happy with her together with her vast store gap of Swag in DC. I’m thus happy Gregg [Leakes] is cancer free. I still pray for them. In terms of our relationship, I don’t ever see U.S.A. being the means it absolutely was, however I undoubtedly — i really like her. I undoubtedly would like to be cordial, we have a tendency to appear identical circle, and to own an honest time. NeNe could be a blast. There’s nothing like fun NeNe. That’s the sole one that I’m fine for, the NeNe that creates Maine laugh. I’ll take that NeNe all day long. It’s negative negative that I don’t like! i really like NeNe!”
That’s smart to listen to since Artemis recently got engaged to lover microphone Hill and NeNe was brought into the news once it absolutely was reported that she “exploded” on the night she got wind regarding the engagement. NeNe took to social media to deny the rumors and Artemis additionally denied the rumors once she spoke to U.S.A. regarding things. “I don’t grasp wherever those rumors came from,” Artemis admitted. “I don’t grasp wherever it came from that she exploded and was upset regarding it. i believe that was simply a rumor — Bullsh*t, basically. None of it arrived to Maine.”

It will be attention-grabbing to check wherever things go from here between Artemis and NeNe however it’s smart to understand there’s still love there!

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