Sailor Brinkley-Cook Defends mater Agatha Christie when Wendy Williams’ Claims She Faked DWTS Injury

Sailor Brinkley-Cook Defends mater Agatha Christie when Wendy Williams' Claims She Faked DWTS Injury

On Monday’s episode of terpsichore with the celebrities, Sailor Brinkley-Cook earned a score of 18/30
Sailor Brinkley-Cook is paying Wendy Williams‘ claims that her mater Agatha Christie Brinkley “faked” her broken arm so as to possess Sailor take her place on terpsichore with the celebrities no mind.

After earning a score of 18/30 on Monday night’s episode of terpsichore with the celebrities, Sailor, 21, discovered that she was riant through all of the drama close Williams’ remarks.

“I mean like, whoever spews emotion desires additional love. therefore love you Wendy!” she told reporters backstage.

“I was super pleased with her particularly cause she very stood her ground,” Sailor same of however Agatha Christie, 65, defended herself. “She spoke the reality and Wendy has very supported her through plenty of crazy stuff and for her to come back out and say one thing negative concerning this case very was surprising. Like i used to be like, ‘Really?’”

Williams, 55, antecedently same that she thought Christie’s injury, that happened once Agatha Christie tripped over her partner Val Chmerkovskiy‘s foot throughout a dance rehearsal sooner than the show’s season twenty eight premiere, looked “fake as hell.”

“Let Maine tell you what I see. I don’t see a radiocarpal joint and a shoulder being broken. however that was real cute,” Williams same throughout her season eleven premiere of her program. “Here’s my thought: terpsichore with the celebrities referred to as Agatha Christie Brinkley … and he or she same affirmative. when she got off the phone, that’s once she planned her schedule. … In my opinion, i believe what Agatha Christie did was she signed up for terpsichore with the celebrities knowing that she’d place her girl Sailor in there.”
Since her remarks, Agatha Christie adamantly denied Williams’ theory in associate degree exclusive interview with folks.

“I’m completely aghast, as a result of I actually have been there for Wendy Williams. that’s therefore weird,” she said, exploding into tears. “I got to provide her a decision … I’m very shocked.”

In a statement issued to GMA before Williams’ remarks, Brinkley joked, “Showbiz is all concerning obtaining an opportunity, and Sailor and that i each got one on terpsichore with the celebrities this season. Sailor joined the solid once I got mine … ouch someone stop Maine, it hurts to laugh!”
BBC Studios and bedrock same in an exceedingly statement to those who Brinkley “suffered injuries that needed surgery to her radiocarpal joint and arm.”
Sailor antecedently commented on Williams’ claims the injury was all for show, telling recreation Tonight, “It’s therefore insane to Maine. I can’t even realize comments as a result of it’s therefore real to Maine, the emotions square measure still therefore new.”

Sailor additionally recounted {the materent|the instant} her mom told her concerning the injury, that created her unable to perform within the bedrock dance competition series.

“Getting that decision from my mater once I was still get into the Hamptons. She was weeping, crying, she was therefore foiled that she she couldn’t make love any longer,” Sailor same. “She wasn’t even crying as a result of she was hurt. She was like ‘I’m gonna defeated Val and I’m not gonna be able to keep going with terpsichore with the celebrities.’ and that i was like ‘no mater,’ and that i had to comfort her therein and be like ‘but you had your expertise simply let that go, you recognize you had such a good time. nobody is foiled in you.’“

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