We all grasp Priyanka Chopra dreams massive. She conjointly supports her husband Nick Jonas in each endeavor he pursues. therefore it ought to come back as no surprise that Priyanka herself would like to be the prime cathedral of Republic of India someday, and he or she thinks Nick ought to run president.

Priyanka, chatting with The Sunday Times, spilled the tea that the try “really wish to form a modification,” and this might be the method each of them find yourself doing it someday. Honestly? United Nations agency would not wish President Jonas?
Not solely is it a bombshell that Priyanka would like to eventually be named prime minister of Republic of India herself, however her supporting Nick as president is associate exciting plan.

“I would love Nick to run president,” she shared. “I don’t just like the things related to politics … however i do know that each people really need to form a modification. ne’er say ne’er. I’ve tried to be nonpolitical all my life as a result of i prefer to cheer for humanity.”

Priyanka noted that Nick would be a superb leader because of his being associate unapologetic feminist (“he’s not afraid to use the word and that i love that”), further as a variety of different qualities he possesses. She noted one moment wherever she thought, “Oh, this guy is different” once the try were on a ship with friends, and Priyanka had a crucial meeting to urge to.

“I had a gathering to travel to and unbroken spoken communication, ‘If somebody provides Maine a reason to cancel, I will,’” Priyanka shared. “He force Maine aside and aforementioned, ‘Listen, I see that you simply wish Maine to inform you to cancel, however I won’t. You’ve worked onerous to be wherever you’re. I’ll take our friends for dinner and watch for you. once you’re finished, come and be a part of North American country.'” Um, wow, romantic and confident, we stan.

“I don’t assume I’ve ever been with somebody United Nations agency is confident enough on behalf of me to be within the spotlight and for him to be okay with it. As women, we’re commonly those United Nations agency ought to say, ‘Yeah, I will move that appointment,’ or ‘What you probably did at work nowadays was superb.’ That’s what created Nick therefore completely different.”

Of course, there area unit many qualities regarding each Priyanka and Nick that might build them wonderful leaders, and they are already important AF. Here’s hoping our wildest dreams come back true and that we may doubtless see each of them living it up with their political aspirations.

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