Not Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover’s new project is with Sunny Leone! Watch his video

Not Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover’s new project is with Sunny Leone! Watch his video

Not Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover’s new project is with Sunny Leone! Watch his videosunil grover, kapil sharma, sunny leone, sunil grover new project, sunny leone image

Sunil Grover and Sunny Leone come together for this brand new project. Kapil Sharma, what do you have to say?

Sunil Grover is a man of his words. Instead of going back to Kapil Sharma Show, he is trying new things and his latest project is with Sunny Leone! We know him as Mashoor Gulati. He is also the lovable Rinku Bhabhi. In the past, you called him Gutthi. Well, get ready to see Sunil Grover in a brand new avatar as he dressed up as a cricketer and announced his brand new project. And guess who is with him on the show? Not Preeti Simoes, Kapil Sharma’s alleged ex-girlfriend, as many are reporting. Not Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar who are boycotting Kapil’s show along with him. Instead, it is Sunny Leone aka Baby Doll.

Watch Sunil Grover announcing new project with Sunny Leone

Before you start hyperventilating if this means Sunil is finally out of Kapil’s show, take a deep breath and read on. The comedian has announced he is all set to make an appearance on an app-based commentary of the IPL match scheduled on April 13 for UC news. Sunil took to Twitter to announce his new initiative, “The favourite of them all, fans call her Baby Doll. Guess who’s gonna join me for #MasalaCommentary on @UCNews_India.” He also posted a short video in which he is sitting on an exercise ball, dressed in cricket gear, and teasing us about Sunny. “Hi main hu Sunil Grover aur main nazar aaunga April 13th ko UC news app par live commentary karta hua aur mere saath hongi jo Laila hai, jo Baby Doll hai. Samjhe? Nahi samjhe? Mujhe kaha hi gaya tha ke aise jkehna ki ye log na samjhe.”

This will be his third high-profile appearance after Sunil broke away from Kapil after their fight mid-air. Kapil had reportedly not only threatened to destroy Sunil’s career, he had also thrown a shoe at him, according to reports. Ever since then, Sunil has stayed away from the show and instead focussed on live gigs. He performed in Delhi, followed by an appearance on Indian Idol. He had also said that while he has not moved away from TV, he is not in talks as of now for a new show. This has not stopped speculations though about his next big project. But for now, it is up to Sunil and Sunny. Will we see Sunil on April 13 in one of his old avatars or in a brand new one?

He had earlier hinted that he is done with Kapil’s show. Taking to Twitter, he had written, “My intentions are to act and to entertain with dignity. For me, money can’t be the only reason to do something, or not to do something.”

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