South China Sea: Beijing Tests Mysterious Missile More Powerful Than US’

South China Sea: Beijing Tests Mysterious Missile More Powerful Than US’

South China Sea: Beijing Tests Mysterious Missile More Powerful Than US’South China Sea: Beijing Tests Mysterious Missile More Powerful Than US’

Amidst the South China Sea dispute, China might be testing a long-range air-to-air missile. This missile could actually destroy an early warning aircraft and aerial refueling aircraft. Photos of the missile had surface online.

South China Sea: New Mysterious Missile From China

Reports stated that President Xi Jinping was looking over the extraordinary military modernization program. The program included stealth jets and aircraft carriers. The country had also tested anti-satellite missiles.

Furthermore, People’s Liberation Army had recently shared photos online of a J-11B fighter. The fighter was carrying a large, unidentified missile, while on drills, in 2016. An air force expert said that the missile was created to hit high-value targets. Air force researcher Fu Qianshao stated that it could hit early warning aircraft, usually outside actual combat zones.

In fact, these missile are of a much developed capability over existing Chinese missiles, which have ranges of less than 62 miles, said Reuters. “The best solution to this problem I can figure out is to send a super-manoeuvrable fighter jet with very long-range missiles to destroy those high-value targets, which are the ‘eyes’ of enemy jets,” Fu said. “So the successful development of this potential new missile would be a major breakthrough.”

These missile may actually have a range of 249 miles. Their range exceed the ranges of missiles used by Western air forces. These missiles also dive down on targets from the stratosphere, Fu stated.

However, the Chinese air force has not yet officially commented on the new missile. The state media of China reported regarding new weapons before there is a formal confirmation of their existence. The development in military technology comes amidst China’s sovereignty claims over the disputed sea.

South China Sea: Major targets

United States has got airborne early warning and control planes (AWACS). These are actually giant flying radars and the eyes of the U.S. air force. Such giant flying radars could actually detect enemy movements and give targeting information to U.S. fighter jets and bombers. But without these, the U.S. Air Force would be at total disadvantage.

Australia Strategic Policy Institute’s senior analyst Dr. Malcolm Davis said that the Chinese could actually support systems like AWACS and refueling planes. This would make the F-35s and other platforms incapable because they would not be able to reach their target. These new missiles could actually made this come true, said Yahoo News.

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