Religion News Jan 21, 2017

Your Religion News: Jan. 21, 2017

Religion* News Jan 21, 2017 Religion*  : NORTHFIELD — There will be an Anointing of the Sick today at the 4 p.m. Mass at St. Patrick’s Church, Main Street. Father Thomas Lisowski says, “This is a great opportunity for anyone suffering from physical, emotional or spiritual ailments to come and experience the faith, hope and love of our forgiving and redemptive God.” For more information or to participate, call 413-498-2728 or email Labyrinth Walk Sunday at St. James GREENFIELD — St. James Episcopal Church will hold its Fourth Sunday…

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The Importance of Occupational Wellness

Occupational Wellness

 Occupational Wellness  The Importance of Occupational Wellness Occupational wellness is the ability to achieve a balance between work and leisure in a way that promotes health, a sense of personal satisfaction and is (for most people) financially rewarding. A person who is doing exactly what they want to do in life and is comfortable and content with their work and leisure plans is in a healthy state of occupational wellness. Our attitude and ability to effectively deal with work, school, and career goals greatly affect wellness, performance, interactions with others…

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Emotional Health Ways to Boost Your

Emotional Wellness

Emotional Health Ways to Boost Your   Taking care of your emotional health is as important as taking care of your physical body. If your emotional health is out of balance, you may experience high blood pressure, ulcers, chest pain, or a host of other physical symptoms. When you feel good about yourself, it’s much easier to cope with life’s little ups and downs as well as bigger events, such as divorce or a death, says Jeff Gardere, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist in New York City. Here are 10…

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Habits That Will Improve Your Emotional Wellness


Habits That Will Improve Your Emotional Wellness Habits  Do you monitor your emotional well-being and take action when you hit a rough patch? Let’s be honest, most of us don’t. Even if you did pay attention to your psychological health, would you know how to ease emotional pain when your feelings were hurt, how to boost your confidence when your self-esteem was low, or how to recover after experiencing a loss? Again, most of us do not. What makes this a surprising truth as well as an inconvenient one is…

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