Religious Components of Gnosticism

Religious Components of Gnosticism Mandaean Sabians Conduct Golden Baptism Ritual

Religious Components of  Gnosticism  Gnosticism encompasses a very wide range of beliefs and is better viewed as a collection of religions sharing some common themes rather than as one specific religion. There are two basic components to beliefs commonly labeled as Gnostic, although the importance of one over the other can vary immensely. The first is gnosis and the second is dualism. GNOSTIC BELIEFS Gnosis is a Greek word for knowledge, and in Gnosticism (and religion in general) it refers to awareness, experience, and knowledge of the presence of God.…

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Golden Globes British actors among the winners

Golden Globes British actors among the winners British actors are among the winners at a Golden Globes ceremony that mixes celebration with anti-Trump feeling. British talent put on a strong show at the Golden Globes, with winners including stars from The Night Manager and The Crown. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 26, was among the early winners with a nod for best supporting actor in a movie for his role in Tom Ford’s film Nocturnal Animals. He dedicated his award to his wife film-maker Sam Taylor-Johnson, 49, describing her as his soulmate and thanking…

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