To Reconsider Full Obamacare Repeal


Obamacare: They warn that their states would suffer, in some cases badly, without the Medicaid expansion. Obamacare: As congressional Republicans move forward on plans to quickly repeal and ― less quickly ― replace President Barack Obama’s health care law, a wide variety of industry and political influencers are trying to slow their progress. Among the most persuasive may be a set of Republican governors who are fearful about losing the substantial health and monetary benefits from the law that their states currently enjoy. On Friday morning, Politico reported on five…

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This Governor Is Defying The GOP And Pushing To Expand Medicaid To Over Half A Million People


North Carolina Republicans passed a law in 2013 that blocks the governor from expanding Medicaid in the state. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D) says he’ll quickly expand Medicaid in his state before President-elect Donald Trump takes office. His vow sets up a confrontation with Republicans in the state who have explicitly passed a law barring him from making such a move. Cooper said Friday he sent a letter to the Center for Medicaid Services this week requesting the expansion under the Affordable Care Act, which Trump and Republicans in…

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Will Blue-Collar Whites Change Their Minds About Obamacare?

Will Blue-Collar Whites Change Their Minds About Obamacare? These voters overwhelmingly oppose the Affordable Care Act. Yet millions of them have gained health-care coverage under the law. The impending Republican drive to repeal the Affordable Care Act is crystallizing the class contradiction long embedded in the health-care debate. From the start, President Obama’s health-care reform has faced fierce opposition from working-class whites, the same constituency that anchored Donald Trump’s electoral coalition. But blue-collar whites have been among the law’s principal beneficiaries, particularly in the Rustbelt states that tipped the 2016…

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