Spiritual Wellness means making time to contemplating

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness means making time to contemplating The importance of hope Spirituality is expressed in many forms, whether tied to a religion, a moral philosophy, or an inherent sense of connectedness with something greater than oneself. In any form, spirituality is always personal. The need for spiritual wellness is often downplayed as less important than emotional, physical, or social wellness, but vital to the overall wellness of every Service Member in the National Guard is a sense of hope and belonging – of purpose. What does “Spiritual Wellness” mean? Spiritual…

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Occupational Wellness Dimension

occupational wellness

Occupational Wellness Dimension Occupational Wellness is one of the interconnected dimensions of wellness. Occupational wellness refers to state of a person’s paid or non-paid vocational or work activities and environment. A very healthy state of occupational wellness is a person is doing exactly what they want to do in life and is comfortable and content with their personal and financial situation and future plans. Occupational wellness is also the ability to achieve a balance between work and leisure in a way that promotes health, a sense of personal satisfaction and…

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