What Brain Injury Symptoms Are Common In New York And Throughout The World?

What Brain Injury Symptoms Are Common In New York And Throughout The World?

A traumatic brain injury can result in numerous symptoms ranging from blurred vision to personality changes to impaired cognitive function. Depending on the severity of the accident and the victim’s history of concussions, numerous factors can dramatically influence the types of symptoms an individual can experience.

Having said that, however, there are common symptoms to be on the lookout for, including:

Loss of consciousness
Feelings of disorientation
Persistent headache
Blurred vision
Ringing in the ears
Additionally, people might experience cognitive challenges, including memory problems, difficulty in concentration, personality changes, mood swings or depression.

While head trauma can be caused in any accident, violent vehicular collisions can have a devastating impact. Likewise, construction site or other workplace accidents can leave the victim struggling to maintain gainful employment and the entire family to face financial peril. Certain symptoms might indicate that you’ve suffered a severe brain injury, including:

Loss of consciousness for extended periods
Repeated vomiting
Headaches that worsen
Convulsions or seizures
Clear fluids draining from the nose or eyes
Weakness or numbness in fingers and toes
Loss of coordination
Inability to awaken from sleep
Victims of a severe brain injury can also exhibit an increase in the intensity of cognitive challenges including profound confusion, violent mood swings, difficulty communicating or lapsing into a coma.

Are Vehicles The Primary Cause Of A Brain Injury?

In New York, as in most states throughout the country, people rely on vehicles to live their lives. Whether it’s driving to work, driving to school or simply driving to complete household errands, individuals spend a great deal of time in a vehicle. As such, a significant number of serious road accidents occur every day.

Vehicle collisions account for a significant number of accidents that result in brain injuries, but nearly any serious accident can include the jarring motion that can lead to a closed-head injury … or being violently struck by an object, leading to a head wound. Other types of accidents can lead to traumatic brain injury, including:

Falls from height: including falling from a ladder, falling from a scaffold or falling down a set of stairs.
Sports injuries: including soccer, boxing, football, hockey and other high-impact, collision sports.
Falling debris: including falling materials or tools on a construction site to boxed products in a warehouse or retail space.
Workplace: including slips, trips and falls while on the job, vehicle accidents while working or other accidents that result in a head injury.
Recognizing brain injury symptoms in yourself — or listening to your loved ones who are worried about you — is the first step in understanding your condition. A medical professional can perform numerous tests including those geared toward uncovering problems in either the structure or the function of your brain. After an accident, it is wise to seek the counsel of experienced professionals.