Why Go for a Top Up Health Insurance Plan?

Why Go for a Top Up Health Insurance Plan?

Can an astrologer assure you about your future? Do the planetary movements decide what’s going to happen tomorrow? No one can ever predict with guarantee about what’s happening next door. Life is absolutely unpredictable and can shower happiness or bump you physically, financially or emotionally. Insurance is a safety parachute when dealing with such unplanned emergencies, as we all know. But in today’s era of inflation, no health cover is enough to deal with the health needs and purchasing a new health policy every time is not the right way out either. Instead you can opt for a top up health insurance plan that broadens your cover and extends your threshold limit, at a nominal cost. This health cover is applicable both on independent mediclaim policies and corporate group policies.

Let’s understand it with an example-

Karan, a 30 year old pre-sales manager met with a life threatening accident and got severely injured. Luckily, his employee medical insurance covered most of his treatment costs but not all. Just like us, Karan thought a cover of 4 lac is more than enough for his medical treatment but he did not had any idea of the accident that could land him in debt. Using his savings seemed like the last option for him because the health cover could bear a cost of only Rs. 4 lac and not the total cost of Rs.6 lac. Had he purchased a top up health insurance plan, he wouldn’t have to part away with his savings and put his future plans in jeopardy. A top up would have offered him an extended cover of Rs. 2 lac at nominal cost, helping him deal with the elevated treatment costs or cover the differential amount.

How do Top-up plans function?

Top up plans follow a cost-sharing model and is functional in situations where the insured has to bear the treatment cost that exceeds the deductible limit of assured limit. When your medical expenses reach the cover limit, your insurer stops taking into account your elevated treatment cost and this is when the top up plan comes into picture by helping the insured deal with the expenses that cross that threshold limit.

Sum insured offer by various insurers falls in the range of Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 15,00,000 and the deductible amount ranges between Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 5,00,000 respectively. Excluding the deductible amount covered by a general health insurance policy, top up plans provide full protection under the sum insured.

Advantages of Top-up plans

Top up plans are cheaper in comparison to general health insurance policies, if the deductible is higher.
Buying a top-up plan is a better option than extending a basic health cover at nominal cost.
Easy to purchase, these plans can be bought from any insurer without restrictions. The basic health insurance policy and a top up plan can be of two different companies.
Top ups are available along with family floater cover and individual cover.
These plans offer tax deduction under section 80D.
It is recommended to purchase a good health insurance plan that covers the hospitalization and treatment costs. And if in case the threshold limits are touched, opting for an ideal top up plan is the best option to cope up with the elevated treatment costs.